• Villa Sessions - Puerto Rico Accommodations

    Villa Sessions offers 2 and 3 bedroom units with world class kiting, surfing, and diving only steps away. Plan your Puerto Rico vacation today!
  • Welcome to The Gun Show

    Today's "step-up" boards have a wider range of use than ever before. Learn why every good surfer needs one of these boards in their quiver.
  • What Makes a "Magic Board"?

    Once you ride a magic board, you immediately understand the reason for the search.
  • September Sessions

    When my friends ask, “What’s the best time of year to come for wind and waves?”, I always say “September”.
  • Afraid to Grovel? 3 of the Best Summer Shortboards

    Let’s face it, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a high performance shortboard underfoot. The rail to rail speed, the hold, and the ability to execute maneuvers right in the very best part of the wave make every session on one of these craft truly memorable.
  • How To Choose A Longboard

    Over the past several seasons, the surfing world has been focused on shortboards and hybrids, now it’s time to dig into the tech and questions asked and answered every day at REAL with regards to longboards.
  • Find Your Fatty's Sleeker Soulmate

    If you’ve recently added a ...Lost RV, LayZboy, Couch Potato or Bottom Feeder to your quiver and are looking for a new board to fill in “above it” when the surf gets better, the …Lost V3 Rocket is definitely a board you should be checking out.
  • Stock Is The New Custom

    Summer is HERE and we're surfing in trunks every day. If you forgot to order your custom summer shred stick last January who cares?! Stock is the new Custom!
  • 4 Of The Best Summer Grovelers

    Here are 4 Summer Grovelers that will have you wrestling your wife for the car keys every morning! It’s finally time to say no to yoga…
  • Summer Kiteboarding & Surfing With Your Family

    The Windiest Month? …July!

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