• 2nd Annual Kiteboarder Crossing for Leukemia Awareness

    March 21 marked the second time Lake Pontchartrain’s 24 mile stretch was conquered by a local kiteboarder on a mission to create awareness and raise $10,000 for blood cancer research. REAL Coach Chris Stuckey completed the marathon distance for the 2nd Annual Kiteboarder Crossing, a fundraiser he founded the year before.
  • 2010 BVI Kite Jam Report

    When the invitation was first presented to go to the inaugural BVI Kite Jam I had no idea how much fun the event was going to be! Sir Richard Branson and the Necker Island crew pulled out all of the stops to create an outstanding gathering of kiteboarders in the awe inspiring setting of the British Virgin Islands (BVIs').
  • Brandon Scheid wins 2010 Superfly Open!

    The 3rd annual BEST Kiteboarding SuperFly Open was held this past weekend at Powder Mountain, in Eden, Utah.
  • Matt Nuzzo Hawaii Family Vacation

    To say that I feel like Clark W. Griswold goes to Hawaii is to say the least.
  • To wash or not to wash...

    I often wondered who would spend $15 on wetsuit cleaner and conditioner? Who needs to take their wetsuit to the spa anyway? This thought stuck in my head for as long as I can remember seeing this product, then it happened. My viewpoint changed...
  • Duncan Ferguson Snowkites Washington Monument!

    REAL Client Duncan Ferguson on the cover of the Washington Post!
  • REAL BVI 2010 Session Report #2

    Ahhh, living the life! That’s all we can say and boy did it look cold up north! The breeze kept blowing and the waves kept rolling in. We were able to roll out the entire 2010 kiteboarding gear line up from Slingshot, Naish, Best and Liquid Force, for all the clients to demo. We also had some great waves, some better for noseriding and standup, while others were better for dropping in and getting shacked.
  • REAL BVI 2010 Session Report #1

    Well, we’ve been off the grid for a few days. Life without cell phones and internet is really good, especially when you fill that time with sessions! With life this simple, and since we’re offshore with no police, we live by a simple set of 5 rules:
  • Kitesurfing in Cape Hatteras Video

    REAL Team Riders; Sam Bell, Brandon Scheid, Ryan Evans, and Jason Slezak put their new 2010 gear through its paces in the video below during an angry Atlantic ocean session with perfect side-off wind and thick pitching lips! Enjoy all of the action!
  • Mulcoy's World

    Sick NEW Video Series from REAL team rider Josh Mulcoy!

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