Ben Wilson Surf (BWS) Noise Pro - The Ultimate Wave Kite?

by REAL Watersports

Ben Wilson and his team of talented pro riders have been making waves in the kite "surfing" scene for a few years now.

Dedicated to focussing on riding the wave not the kite BWS spend an insane amount of time and effort thinking only about riding waves with kites!

Pop? Not important.

Unhooked Wakestyle? Not even considered.

Hangtime? Irrelevant

The new Noise Pro is focussed on wind range, drift, stability, relaunch and smooth turning. I've been testing the new Noise Pro in a wide range of conditions and i'm happy to say that it lives up to the hype as a beautifully crafted wave riding machine!

Here's the funny thing though. The characteristics that make this kite so good for wave riding translate extremely well into the beginner intermediate market. Relaunch, stability and smooth turning are very desirable characteristics for all sorts of kiteboarders. Have a listen to my interview with Ben Wilson and see for yourself. As someone that really likes to kitesurf, the time I spent interviewing him was fascinating so check it out below and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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