Brian Smith goes LIQUID!

by REAL Watersports

REAL International Teamrider and Coach Brian Smith, recently signed with Liquid Force. Brian now joins Jason Slezak, Brandon Scheid and Laura “Lulu” Vroman on the Liquid powerhouse team.

Here’s what Brian had to say about his move to Liquid Force, the gear he’s riding and his plans for the 2012 season:
“I'm really excited to have linked up with Liquid Force this year. I think Liquid has an awesome brand image, a super talented crew behind the scenes, a next-level team and, on top of all this, great products.

Liquid makes products that are tuned perfectly for the kinds of riding I do. The wakestyle twin-tips and boots come directly from the genes of LF wake and the know-how of the long term kite riders that make up our team. The Surf line-up is also amazing this year, consisting of some awesome shapes and new constructions.

I’ve been riding the LF 138 DLX and 5'10" LF kitesurf board coupled with a 12m-9m-7m quiver of LF Envy's.

I’m currently in Antigua and will be heading back to Cape Hatteras in a few weeks to work with the LF team on some projects and coach at REAL. In June, Triple-S Invitational rolls back into town, this year with an entirely new REAL Slider Park! Later in the summer, a bunch of the Hatteras crew will jump on a plane to Hood River for the Ro-Sham-Throw-Down contest put on by the Slider Project.” – Brian Smith

“Brian continues to improve every day since he joined REAL and our team. Last year, he placed 2nd overall at the Triple-S Invitational, which really showcased his talent as an all around rider. Probably one of the most impressive things about Brian is his professionalism and approachability. He’s really down to earth and willing to help people improve every day, which is cool. That kind of attitude goes a long way in professional sports and Brian’s followers are really excited about his move through the ranks to the top of the sport.” – Trip Forman REAL Co-Founder

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