REAL Boardshort Photo Contest Winner!

by REAL Watersports

Winner Andrew Rourke

Thanks everyone for participating in the REAL Boardshort Photo Contest! The winner is Andrew Rourke with 7.5 points. Behind Andrew, there is a three-way tie with Shaun Cavey, Michael Trotman and Mary Lou Champe all at 6points. This contest was a blast to judge. Thanks again for everyone who participated.

Andrew Rourke, please pick your new or used kiteboard or surfboard of choice from the New Year/New Board Sale and email so we can set it aside for you. Congratulations from everyone at REAL!

Andrew Rourke: 7.5 points
+3 Lifeguard/Racing/Speedo Suit
+1 Feathered Hair Style
+1 Historic Sunglasses
.5 Mutton Chops
+2 Vintage Conversion Van

Shaun Cavey : 6 points
+1 Short Length Shorts (Dad)
+1 Short Length Shorts (Son)
+1 Magnum PI Feathered Hairstyle
+1 Vintage Sports Equipment
+1 Mustache
+1 Vintage Car

Michael Trotman : 6 Points
+3 Lifeguard Suit
+1 Vintage Car
+2 Year in Photo (License Plate)

Mary Lou Champe : 6 Points
+3 Speedo
+1 Feathered Hair Style
+1 Suntan Oil
+1 Mustache

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