Best Surfboards Of 2013

by REAL Watersports

Ahhhh, it’s time to reflect back on an incredible year of surfing and surfboards.

We thought it would be interesting to compile the surfboards we put on the water in 2013 into a list of what was most popular within each category. These rankings are not from just our team or staff, although all of their boards were included in the numbers. They are also from over a thousand boards sold to our customers around the world.

Think of it as 1,000+ surfers and their friends weighing in and giving their opinion as to what boards you should consider for the next addition to your quiver.

Best Extra Foam:

*This category consists of grovelers, post modern retros and boards with extra foam per length. If you haven’t tried a board from this category, you’re living in a closet, or at Pipeline.

1st - …Lost LayZboy: This board confused everyone at first and then just exploded with super positive feedback, incredible range of use and lots of customer referrals for their friends to get one. It’s the closest thing we know of to a “double rainbow/one board quiver”.

Lost Layzboy Surfboard

2nd - …Lost Bottom Feeder: The BF had momentum from 2012 and kept ticking in with tight turns and crisp snaps off the top. A great groveler for more aggressive surfing and RIPPING turns.

Lost Bottom Feeder Surfboard

3rd - …Lost Couch Potato: This board makes super small waves super fun with no wiggling required. How can you get completely jacked up about 1ft surf? Get one of these boards. They’re ridiculous. As well as the LayZboy surfs in small waves, the Couch Potato surfs even better in waves ankle to waist high, making it a perfect domesticated 2-board quiver.

Lost Couch Potato

*2014 board to keep your eyes on? The …Lost RV and Maurice Cole Hipster.

Best Hybrid:

1st - …Lost Mini Driver: This board is VERY popular because it is a better wave board that you can use a LOT rather than just in Indo. It starts working before your groveler tops out and keeps working past when your ballsack tops out. Tri/Quad or both, every surfer who got one, kept it and raves about it. It also received REAL’s #1 single travel board vote.

Lost Mini Driver Surfboard

2nd - …Lost V2 Rocket: Actually, this one was kind of a surprise, but we triple checked the numbers and numbers don’t lie. We sold V2’s 5’0 up to well into the mid 6’ footers, so mini groms up to lumberjack tradesmen could enjoy going short and wide. This board is super easy to surf really well in average to overhead surf and also a blood brother for front-footed surfers.

Lost V2 Rocket

3rd - Roberts White Diamond 2: The new WD2 replaced the OG White Diamond early in 2013. The WD2 is the quickest turning of this category with lightning fast turns off the top due to the more foiled nose and double concave out the back. Now that all the steam is focused on the WD2, look for this board to continue to turn heads (and throw buckets) in this category.

Roberts White Diamond 2 Surfboard

*2014 board to keep your eyes on? The Roberts Dreamcatcher and …Lost V3 Rocket.

Best Performance Shortboard:

*Includes real world performance shortboards - not just wafer thin team boards.

1st - …Lost Sub Scorcher 2: This board winning indicates that the world is over potato chips that only work in Hawaii. Full, flat and FAST, the Sub Scorcher 2 is a high performance shortboard that is actually high performance in reality conditions (and for non-pros, although the pros swear by them too).

Lost Sub Scorcher 2

2nd - …Lost Sub Driver: This is a great board for small to medium punchy waves. With so much focus on beach breaks over the past several years, boards like this make sense, especially in places that start getting hollow early even though it’s not even “big” yet.

Lost Sub Driver Surfboard

3rd - …Lost V2 Shortboard: How did this board get 3rd?! Well the others had a 10 month head start. Is it better than the others and will it rank #1 a year from now? Uber grovel? SS2. Back footed surfers in punchy waves? Sub Driver. All around performer? The V2SB an awesome blend of it all the …Lost shortboards with potentially the widest range of use as far as surf size goes packaged in a VERY accessible design.

Lost V2 Shortboard

*2014 board to keep your eyes on? The Roberts El Tormentor.

Best Longboard:

1st - Robert August What I Ride: When Robert made this board, he based the design on his own personal board for what he rides and has the most FUN on. WOW! What a concept!! As the world gets more serious about airs, rotations and 100ft waves, Robert gets more serious about owning one board that works in everything and makes you SMILE every time you use it. Can Robert even be serious? Well, maybe about the ladies….

Robert August What I Ride

2nd - Takayama In The Pink: This board has a cult following at longboard breaks around the world. It’s the easiest noseriding board on the planet and will instantly turn 1-2 foot surf into an adrenaline playground of hanging 5, 10 or the wildest wipeout you never saw coming. This board makes you want to walk ‘til you’re “In the Pink” on every wave.

Takayama In The Pink Surfboard

3rd - Stretch IT: The modern stinger….Wide in the front, narrow in the back. Add Stretch’s high tech EPS Tech construction and modern 5-fin set up and you have a board that does it all. Guys, Girls, Kids, Mush, Walls and Tubes ; the Stretch IT has a place in both longboarder and shortboarder quivers, as well as being an incredible single board for those preferring more rail length and easy paddling.

Stretch It Surfboard

*2014 board to keep your eyes on? Maurice Cole/Hydroflex HPLBs and Ricky Carroll HPLBs.

Honorable Mention:

1st - Lib Tech Bowl: This board actually placed 6th overall and in the Top 3 Hybrids. The super durable Lib Tech construction make this board good for both surfing and kitesurfing, so we saw many of these go out to kitesurfers. Is it one of the Top 3 Hybrids for just surfing? No. Is it one of the Top 3 Hybrids for doing everything? Yes.

Lib Tech Bowl Surfboard

2nd - Roberts Hope Diamond: Number #1 Big Guy Board. This category has been pretty stale for the past 10 years. The new Roberts Hope Diamond blew this category up and has a good number of large surfers stoked out of their minds.

Roberts Hope Diamond

3rd - …Lost Rockup: Even though this design is 3+ years old, it just keeps chugging along with a loyal …and growing following. A lot of people overlook this board because it’s not a 2017 shape. Those in the know, know it’s the go to hybrid for better surf and barrels.

Lost Rockup

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