3rd Annual Endless Summer Weekend

Posted on May 30, 2012 by Trip Forman

THANKS to everyone who attended the 3rd annual Endless Summer Weekend with Robert August!

This is the 3rd year we have run this event and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. Robert August and friends were here at REAL and Watermen’s Retreat Friday through Monday, with a full schedule of sessions and nighttime activities. The weather was a little challenging the first half of the weekend, but this didn’t keep the crowd from attending and packing in the evening events. The weather cleared in the afternoon on Sunday unveiling some sizeable and relatively clean surf in Rodanthe, and then a beautiful, sunny PERFECT, waist high day on Monday!

Robert August surfs the OBX

Robert August surfs Cape Hatteras

Endless Summer Weekend is a “fun” event with no competitive vibe at all, just surfers having fun in and out of the water. It has a very welcoming vibe where anyone can attend and participate at any level of ability, even pure beginners. The only “contest” all weekend is who can have the most fun!

Friday night always sees the entire group going out to dinner at Ketch 55 in Avon. We had two large tables of surfers and friends that turned into a night of great food and loud laughs! Saturday saw us on the search for surf but basically being shut down due to too much size and strong onshore winds blowing it out. That didn’t crush the vibe at all, as participants spent the day on the beach, or hitting the local skateboard parks.

Endless Summer Weekend poster signing

Saturday night featured an Endless Summer Weekend poster signing with a beach party on the back deck at REAL. “The Other Brothers” belted out some great live music on the waterfront stage, while Robert August fans grabbed signatures on posters, surfboards, skateboards, even original Endless Summer soundtrack album covers! It was really cool to see the Endless Summer stoked passed on to even another generation (sub- 10year olds). Living proof that stoke is timeless and this film and the excitement it has created will live on forever.

Kristen Brown ready to surf with Robert August! Photo: Jennifer Williams

Sunday saw some heavy rain in the am and then clearing after lunch. Around 2pm the call was made to scout out a local break in Rodanthe. It was literally like watching the green flag drop at a NASCAR race! There was so much excitement heading over to the beach and the conditions ended up being really good with some solid sets coming through. The winds never went offshore on Sunday, but they did go almost calm for a few hours with near glassy conditions and head high sets. Longboards definitely weren’t the call, but when you’re surfing with Robert August, you always feel inspired to “feel the glide”. There were some great rides and near airbag deploying wipeouts. On and off the water, everyone was having a blast!

Sunday night, Robert August narrated the original 1966 Endless Summer film with some great behind the scenes stories. The room was PACKED with surfers of all ages. Some people have been to all three Endless Summer Weekends and still get more out of this film than the year before. There was even a beanbag section up from for all the groms. Lots of stoke for sure!!! After the movie let out, Robert signed posters again until nearly 11pm.

Robert August cross-stepping in Cape Hatteras

Monday brought clear skies, warm temps and offshore winds. This was the day we had been waiting for! We headed up to New Inlet where the SW winds and SE swell would provide nearly perfect conditions. We found some really nice waist to stomach high peelers, perfect for longboards and “feeling the glide”. This day ended up being the best of the weekend and a whole lot of fun for all the participants. Robert August grabbed two sessions on his “What I Ride” 9’6 and locked into some really nice lefts with a few cutbacks and noserides thrown in for good measure. If you thought the stoke in the shop or at the movie was exciting, it was nothing compared to watching Robert zip by you in the lineup. Pure, timeless style! Epic!!!!

While I was driving Robert back to Norfolk Airport on Monday night, he was already talking about next year’s event over Memorial Day Weekend. He loves the Outer Banks and can’t wait to come back. He’s even thinking of returning this August with his daughter, so she can surf here in warm water with no wetsuit and also learn how to kitesurf. While he is cutting back on a lot of his travel these days, Cape Hatteras and the crew that attends Endless Summer Weekend always keeps him coming back for more!

Special THANKS to all the Endless Summer Weekend sponsors including REAL, Watermen’s Retreat, Robert August Surfboards, Surftech, Carolina Brewery and Mojo’s Sunset Café.

Robert August Custom Surfboards

*Robert autographed all the surfboards and skateboards we had at the shop, including all the hand made custom surfboards from his shop in California. We still have a few of these left if you are in the market for a new board or a collector’s treasure!

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