2014 Naish Trip Review - Who needs struts anyway?

by REAL Watersports

When we heard that Naish were making a kite with no struts and naming it after one of REAL's founders, you can imagine our interest. In fact, this kite is so different and interesting that throughout the testing we were bombarded with interest from all of the REAL team: What's it like? Does it really work? Are there really no struts at all?

Naish Trip

In order to really give you as much information as we can - we shot two different videos in different locations with different riders. Hopefully you'll find the different perspectives give you an interesting insight into this no strut kite...

Toby's first impression

The full review:

Pros & Cons

What we like:
- The Trip is small, light and packs down in to a tiny little backpack.
- No struts means no complicated repairs if you ever have a bladder leak.
- Huge wind range and great low end power

What we don't like:
- Can backstall in certain conditions
- Relaunch can be tricky in waves or big chop
- It's not a smooth ride (trailing edge fluttering is easily felt at the bar)

The Verdict

The Trip is not a great kite for beginners because it requires some experience to get the most out of it. That being said - if you know what you are doing and spend a lot of time traveling, the size and weight might just be irresistible. While the Trip isn't the best 10m we've ever flown, there's no denying that it works and if I'm going on a trip but want to take 1 kite in case it get's windy: I'm packing the Trip. In today's game of weight saving and airline fees, the huge wind range and tiny pack-down size more than make up for everything else!

What do you think about kites without struts? Have your say in the comments below...

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5 thoughts on “2014 Naish Trip Review - Who needs struts anyway?”

  • Troy Purnell

    I want to try one!!!

  • Carlos A Casola Rodriguez (CHARLY)
    Carlos A Casola Rodriguez (CHARLY) July 1, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    Nunca los he provado pero la cuestion sera su rendimiento en condiciones de buen viento porque esa ha sido la principal funcion de los struts todos estos años.

  • Pierre

    Interresting concept... I. Definitely like to try..

  • WoLfgAng VeStaL
    WoLfgAng VeStaL July 9, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    The "cons" s

    If ya want to sell more kites ya need to ADD & IMPROVE performance not deminish it.
    How much are the absence of struts gonna save ya on airline fees any way~¿?

  • Alberto

    I'm traveling in South Spain, Portugal and Mallorca with a Naish Trip and a Newind splitboard. All my gear is packed in a anonimous 15kg bag, it's great and I saved airline fees for three flights. The Kite is not as stable as my NKB rebels but it's not so bad considering the simplicity. It requests good skills in the high end, I feel more confortabile in low-mid range.