2014 Naish Ride Review

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Pete Hardie

The Naish Ride definitely flies under the radar. More than likely this is because of its big brothers - the mighty Naish Park and Naish Torch. As a result - you have probably paid very little attention to the Ride.

We like to ride everything and really try not to focus on what the kite is "supposed to do". Instead, we simply go kiteboarding in a wide range of conditions and see what happens. And that's exactly how I uncovered a little known fact - that the Naish Ride is fun. Really fun!

Fun may seem like a roundabout way to describe a kite but that's actually what it's all about! Moreover, I often find myself drawn to kite gear for reasons that I can't quite put my finger on.

The 2014 Naish Ride is an excellent example of this. Check out the video review we shot below and hopefully it will all make sense!

Find out more about the 2014 Naish Ride and buy online here.

Check out the full lineup of Naish Kites here.

Here are a couple of questions I've been asked about the new Ride?

How does it compare to the Naish Park?
Narrower wingtips make the Ride marginally slower turning and the big open area between the struts give it more grunt (especially in the big sizes). If you're deciding between the two - here's what I would do if building a quiver within the Naish lineup. I personally like the Park in the big sizes (14 - 10 because they are fast for big kites) and the Ride in the small sizes (6 and 8).

Does the Ride work in the waves?
Absolutely - especially the 6m and 8m.

Why would I choose the ride over any other kite?
I'm a big fan of kites that are designed by manufacturers to be "easy all around kites" because that's actually what I'm looking for in almost every session I take (unless it's unhooked freestyle). The ride is one of the best examples of this segment there is.

How does it compare to the original Ride (the 2013 version)?
It's marginally quicker and has a bit more low end but the principle is still the same. Naish's kite design team say that the 2014 Ride is more stable and responds a little more quickly to rider input and I agree (although the differences are small). If you're looking to expand your quiver or change out your kites on a budget there is currently some awesome pricing on V1 of the ride. You can find out more and buy online here.

Have you tried the Ride? Let me know what you think...?

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