2014 Naish Park Review

by REAL Watersports

Matt Nuzzo Testing the 2014 Naish Park Matt Nuzzo Testing the 2014 Naish Park

The Naish Park has more excitement surrounding it than almost any other kite out there. There's a huge following of riders that love the Park and if you're reading this post - you may be one of them!

Naish kite designer Damien Girardin explained that, "The first sample was pretty much a Torch 10m with chopped off wing tips that made an 8m kite. From there, we evolved the kite. Thanks to the bridles, we swept the wing tip to have a great water re-launch. We also fine-tuned the foil in order to take advantage of the greater amount of angle of attack adjustment."

That all makes sense when you look at the kite and feel how it flies. The kite is designed to have big wide wing tips that aren't solid as a rock but instead twist and flex. That's what allows you to stall one side of the kite and turn it quickly.

So what's new for 2014?
In the past, the Naish Park has always felt flexible and bendy. It does mean that the kite turns really fast but some riders would prefer it to be a little more stable. Well that's exactly what they changed! The Park is still very fast but now looks more stable in the air than in previous years.

Check out the video review below to find out more about the new Park. We tested this kite in the ocean and in the sound in Cape Hatteras to really see how it performs...

Check out the full lineup of Naish Kites here.

Some questions we've been asked about the new Park

How does it compare to the other kites in the Naish lineup?
The Park sits in between the Torch and the Ride. Take the wingtip shape and "feel" of the torch and then give it a little more wind range and relaunch skills. We've had lots of people unsure whether to choose the Ride or the Park and I would say that it depends on your riding style. If unhooked tricks are an important part of your sessions but you also would like to ride waves and freeride then the Park is likely a great choice. If the unhooked tricks aren't really part of your arsenal then you should definitely consider the Ride. Check out the full review of the 2014 Naish Ride here.

What's our favorite size?
Probably the 9m or the 11m.

Are you a Naish Park expert? Have you ridden the new version? Let us know what you think.

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