2014 Best Kites

by REAL Watersports

2014 Best kites have just landed at REAL and we've been busy testing them out here in Cape Hatteras, NC.

What's new for 2014?

- Best added a new inflation system called Twist Lock (watch the video to see it in action). Best have been testing the new valve for 18 months and it seems to work well during our demos and tests but we're always nervous about new inflation systems so we're going to wait to fully sign off on it! A few months in the REAL lesson center will really find out how well the new system works.

- Each of the kites have been tweaked and tuned for better performance. Check out the individual reviews to find out more about each kite.

- There's a new bar! It's got plenty of the same features from last year but with some nice new improvements.

Here's a quick video roundup of the new features with Best's Ryan Evans:

The 2014 Best kite lineup includes:

The Best Kahoona Plus

The Kahoona is the beginner / intermediate "easy-to-ride" kite in the lineup. With 4 struts and a delta design, the Kahoona is hugely popular in the REAL lesson center because of its easy relaunch and stability. Read the full review...

Who is the Kahoona for?
- Beginners looking for an easy freeride kite, with predictable safety, relaunch and depower.
- Any rider that prefers ease of use, depower and relaunch over speed and unhooked performance.

The Best TS

The TS is the intermediate to advanced kite in the lineup. It's a sportier, faster version of the Kahoona with better unhooked performance and a more direct feel. Read the full review...

Who is the TS for?
- Intermediate or advanced riders looking to upgrade from a freeride kite to a more performance driven kite.
- Freestylers who also want to ride in the waves or have the ease of use of an bridled kite.

The Best TS Lightwind

The TS Lightwind is a dedicated lightwind version of the TS that comes in a 15m and 17m size. Read the review here...

Who is the TS lightwind for?
- All rounders who are looking for a large kite which works in all conditions.
- Freestylers who need a large kite to be competitive in lightwind conditions.

The Best Cabo

The Best Cabo is the wave kite in the lineup and is really focused on being tough and stable with excellent drift. We haven't had a chance to fully test the Cabo yet so stay tuned - the video review is on the way!

Who is the Cabo for?
• Surfers looking for the right kite to ride in the waves.
• Freeriders who are looking to push themselves and develop their skill in the waves.

The Best GP

The GP is Best's freestyle and wakestyle C-Kite. The choice of most of Best's pro team - the GP is dedicated to unhooked performance and kiteloops. Stay tuned for the full review!

Who is the GP for?
- Advanced freestyle and wakestyle riders

Check out all the new kites in action in Best's 2014 team video:

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2 thoughts on “2014 Best Kites ”

  • Scott

    Thanx for giving the cons as well as the pros of these kites. Most reviews of kite gear I've seen only state the positives, which makes it difficult to decide what's best for different riders.


    kite best 2014 estar demais muito bonito e com qualidade