2013 Slingshot Kiteboarding Gear

by REAL Watersports

2013 Slingshot Rally at REAL Watersports

I know it’s only July but we just received our first hit of Slingshot 2013 gear so here is the lowdown on what’s available:


2013 Misfit: 132cm, 136cm, 142cm, 146cm
The Slingshot Misfit was a REAL favorite in 2012 and is designed to be a smooth comfortable ride for everyone. You are going to have to resist the urge to use this board as a center piece for your next dinner party because the graphics are awesome. Mow the lawn, jump, cruise, carve, edge, pop all without getting sprayed in the face. Yes please.

2013 Asylum: 134cm, 138cm, 141cm

The Asylum is a new board for 2013 and it looks like this is Slingshot’s accessible freestyle board. The board has great channeling so no skidding around when riding without fins. It’s also really lightweight and early testers reported that its lighter wind performance is awesome. This will likely be the best board in the SS lineup to ride with boots or the joint system…


*No more fastrack on the surfboards helps keep things simple and minimize weight.*

2013 Celeritas EPX and WVX: 5'6", 5'8", 5'11"

Slingshot has poured some new life into one of their most popular boards. This year they have introduced a new character which looks like a chameleon/shark hybrid and we have named it Humphrey – but you can call it whatever you would like. Mad graphics isn’t the only change up: they also changed the tail and are making this board in an EPX construction with an EPS foam core which makes it a little more lightweight and affordable than some other boards available. We like the look of this board and think it will excel in a huge range of wave conditions. Expect to see this also available in their WVX construction soon.

2013 Dialer EPX and WVX: 5'11"

Short, wide and “fishy”: the dialer is going to work really well for lighter winds and mushier waves. Could be a great everyday kite surf board and comes in both EPX and WVX. They both have EPS cores but have a slightly different outer construction. The EPX is a slightly more lightweight, affordable construction to the tried and tested bomb-proof bamboo WVX. We love the graphics on this one too.

2013 Tyrant EPX and WVX: 5'8", 5'11", 6'1"

This thing might as well have the words “high-performance” glassed into the deck. This board is built performance kite surfing in medium to epic waves. As with the Dialer, you get the construction choice of EPX or the higher end WVX. Eat a big breakfast, if you plan to ride the Tyrant then it’s probably going to be a good day!

2013 Rally: 4m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m

This kite is Slingshot’s dedicated freeride/surf kite so if that is your cup of tea, it’s time to get out and try one for yourself. The updated Rally feels really solid with some added construction to help the kite feeling really solid in the air. Still not convinced, check out the rally promo video and see for yourself:

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