New 2013 Shred Sleds from …Lost Surfboards

by REAL Watersports

…Lost Surfboards has just released the following 7 new designs for the 2013 season. Check out the new …Lost models below ranging from the 3-board Domesticated Series to the highest performance WCT winning weapons.

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...Lost Couch Potato

The Couch Potato is part of the new …Lost “Domesticated Series” designed with more foam, easier paddling and higher wave count. Head “DS” test rider Matt “Mayhem” Biolos knows what it’s like to have a 60/hour a week job, wife and kids, plus the demands of competitive/crowded line up. When time is limited, who wants to be missing waves because you bought into a board that is either too small or not designed for the way you want to surf?

The Couch Potato is a new super groveler, with flatter rocker throughout, wide nose and width, and flat to vee bottom shape. The “CS” doesn’t replace the Bottom Feeder design, as the BF is more performance oriented with tighter turning, snappier off the tops and a looser feel. The Couch Potato makes small wave surfing even easier with a wider sweet spot and a more built in “drive”. This means that you can standup up and ride the board almost anywhere on it’s length and the board will still feel and go good. It also means that you can alter your stance mid ride for more flow, or snappier performance. The …Lost Bottom Feeder feels a bit different from this in that is has a shorter, more focused sweet spot, but in that position the board is incredibly loose and snappy – way more high performance than the shape would indicate.

Which is better? As always, an honest assessment of your ability and how/where you want to surf should help make up your mind. Both models should continue to thrive in the lineup.

“The CP has more built in drive. It’s an easier board to go fast on, but the BF is more snappy, it’s got a more HP pointed nose and the bump hip tail squares up more (goes more vertical). The CP is a speed machine that you can really push hard on." – Matt “Mayhem” Biolos

With any of the flat to vee Mayhem shapes, you can always size them larger than your normal board to harness the extra foam with higher wave count, more glide and power. The flat to vee shape neutralizes any negative effects of the added foam and puts a big smile on your face.

*We have several Couch Potatos in stock and available for immediate ship. We are also taking Couch Potato custom orders.

...Lost LayZBoy

The LayZBoy is also part of the new …Lost Domesticated Series and personally tested and endorsed by Matt Biolos. “Tested and Endorsed” should really be expanded into “he personally surfs this board a ton” so you know it’s not just another “big guy tri” with lackluster performance. If you find your self “lost” in the “continuous curve, double ender” description of this board, simply think of it as a average to better wave step up for everyone who is head over heels in lust with the …Lost Plank, Uber Plank, Bottom Feeder and now Couch Potato. These three boards are so ridiculously easy to surf well (and smooth), that transitioning over to a HP or even a concave bottom hybrid sometimes seemed like a slap in the face. The LayZBoy allows you to pack the same volume, glide and smooth lines over to a board with a much higher top end than the grovel dedicated fatties. The fact that it excels in knee high to overhead surf also makes it the perfect compliment to surfers already owning a longboard for dribble. This board has been sub-consciously needed for the past three years, so expect it to be a very popular model in the …Lost lineup.

...Lost V2 Stub

It’s like the V2 Rocket, but stubbier. That’s the easiest way to describe the new V2 Stub from …Lost. The new V2 Stub is the new small wave version of the incredibly popular V2 Rocket. All design characteristics that increase small wave performance have been modestly tweaked resulting in a very smooth looking, wide ranged and very powerful version of the V2 Rocket.

How do you tweak the V2 for more focused grovel performance without limiting the range? The V2 Stub has a slightly wider, thicker and flatter nose. It also stocks out an additional ½” of overall width. The tail is a touch wider with a flatter tail rocker as well. When you see a V2 Stub by itself, it looks like a standard V2, so you are not overly impressed with it’s uber grovel-power. When you see a V2 Stub next to the same size V2, that’s when all of these changes become apparent, and also how smoothly they are blended into the design. Smooth lines equal wide range, so expect this board to perform well outside the “small wave window”. This board is VERY different from the Bottom Feeder and the Couch Potato in that it is a concave based design meant to be ridden with lower volumes compared to the BF and CP.

The V2 Stub will stoke out a wide range of surfers including:
1. HPSB surfers looking for a high-powered, concave groveler.
2. Hybrid design surfers looking to dominate small surf and still need some medium wave range on occasion.
3. Domesticated rippers that have always yearned for a …Lost Rocket. The flatter rocker and full template will melt back the years (and pounds).

*We have several V2 Stubs in stock and available for immediate ship. We are also taking V2 Stub custom orders.

...Lost Pelagic Fish

The …Lost Pelagic Fish comes from the long lineage of ground-breaking fish designs starting with the 5’5 Round Nose Fish back in the mid 90’s. The Pelagic is the result of 4 years R&D, and Matt’s quest to combine surfing with snowboarding. The result is a “round nose fish” based shape with snowboard sidecut in the outline and DEEP concaves thru the bottom.

Why make all these changes to a board that singlehanded changed the surfing world 15 years ago? All surfboard shapes are based on a balance of curves and matching them together. Keep all the parameters constant and there are only so many variables you can explore before you’ve tried everything. With the Pelagic, throwing sidecut into the outline between the surfer’s feet, allows a healthy amount of rocker and concave to bet set in the same region of the board – way more than what is “normal”. This makes the board faster, more maneuverable and snappier off the top, all while retaining a wide range of use for wave range and surfer ability. Waist high to slightly overhead is the sweet spot for this board but it can certainly go outside of that. It will handle a punchy beach break with ease and also, just like any fish, lusts points and down the line speed.

Outline sidecut may be pretty radical for conservative surfers to accept, but so was 5’5 x 19.25” in 1995….. Expect to see a handful of these scattered thru shops and a rising number of custom orders as popularity grows.

*We have several Pelagic Fish in stock and ready to ship. We are also taking Pelagic Fish custom orders.

...Lost Sub Scorcher 2

This Sub Scorcher 2 is the result of the popular …Lost Sub Scorcher morphing over time via custom orders and special requests. The result is a board that is has incredible range and versatility (and ease of use) in small to medium sized, flatter faced waves.

With so many original Sub Scorchers out there, the big question on everyone’s mind is what did …Lost change with the Sub Scorcher 2? They decreased the vee in the last 6”
, increased the tail rocker
 and straightened the rail line rocker in the tail for more drive. All of these changes allow the board to surf tighter in the pocket while still remaining easy to surf, catch waves and create insane speed in softer surf. Most people mistake this board to be focused on wave size rather than wave shape. You can actually ride the Sub Scorcher 2 in overhead surf, as long as it’s not hollow. The SS2 thrives on flatter faced, thinner lipped waves like Trestles (Mayhem’s backyard), regardless of their size. The flatter entry and accelerated tail rocker make speed and turning as easy as leaning forward and leaning back.

*We have several Sub Scorcher 2’s in stock and ready to ship. We are also taking Sub Scorcher 2 custom orders. Due to popularity and demand, …Lost will continue to produce the original Sub Scorcher design.

...Lost Taj Whiplash

During this past season, WCT surfer Taj Burrow linked up with Matt “Mayhem” Biolos to blow up his small to medium wave game. The result has been a refinement of …Lost’s most HP weapon as well as Taj’s rise to the WCT podium at several major events (all on Mayhem shapes).

The Taj-Whiplash is what Taj Burrow rides in good surf. It’s not as user friendly as the Driver or Scorcher series boards, but for those that want it and have the ability to use it, it turns harder and faster with lightning quick response. The main difference with this board is the lower volume, narrower nose, deep concave, continuous rocker and no hip in the tail. All of these design characteristics allow this board to fit into parts of the wave that others won’t. If you want to ride what the best surfers on the WCT tour are riding, the Taj – Whiplash is the ticket and will take your good wave, high performance game to the next level.

*We are taking Taj-Whiplash custom orders for Spring delivery.

...Lost Taj Beach Buggy

The Taj Beach Buggy is what Taj rides in smaller, less powerful surf. The Beach Buggy also double times as a user-friendly shortboard for normal human beings. It’s not as easy to surf as the Sub Driver or Sub Scorcher, but it is a great high performance board for intermediates and above who are looking for a small to medium wave board with no limits as to where the board will go on the wave.

The Taj Beach Buggy starts with the Taj Whiplash then add a slightly wider/flatter nose, wider overall width, lower tail rocker and increased tail area. All of these changes make the board more powerful in average surf and more suitable for a wider range of surfers and conditions. To put it simply, this is the “highest performance small – medium wave surfboard “ in the …Lost lineup. Average surfers should stick with Sub Drivers and Sub Scorchers, but advanced intermediates and above will harness added performance, speed and response time with the Taj Beach Buggy.

*We are taking Taj Beach Buggy custom orders for Spring delivery.

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  • john eckardt

    Any ideal on how long till the Lost Lazyboy arrive for those who have preordered ? Can't wait to try one.Thanks

    • chris

      ...Lost is packing up an order of 25 LayZBoys, Couch Potatoes, Bottom Feeders, V2 Rockets/Stubs and Beach Buggies as we speak. Transit time to REAL is typically 10 days. For those interested, we still have some of these boards available for purchase. We will call you as soon as your board lands.Your smaller custom LayZBoy is a bit behind this first order as the order was placed later in the year. Just back from PR, incredible trip with three swells in two weeks!