2011 Liquid Force Influence Kiteboards land at REAL!

by REAL Watersports

The Liquid Force Influence is back for its third year and is better than ever. The core has been completely redesigned, the sizes are new, the insert packs have been modified to better fit the new cores and give more stance options. The best part is that even with all these improvements, the board has dropped $100 in price, selling for only $599!

The first thing you won't see when you look at the 2011 Influence is the core. The Influence is sporting an all-new dual stringer CNC wood/PVC foam combination core. This new 2011 core, designed by LF shaping guru Jimmy Redmond works perfectly for the Influence. The dual wood stringers give the boards a lively flex and rebound, while allowing the profile of the core to be thinner without sacrificing strength or durability. The sizes of the 2011 Influence have also changed a bit to suit a wider range of riders; 130x40cm, 135x41cm, & 140x42cm. This range of sizes allows for riders of nearly all sizes and ability levels to shred the 2011 LF Influence with ease.

One other notable change that has been made for 2011, not only on the Influence, but throughout the entire LF Kiteboard line, are the insert packs. With the cores of the boards going thinner to increase performance, the inserts also had to follow suit. All three sizes of the Influence have gone to a 4-pack metric insert bar. The metric inserts allow for the boards to meet the Liquid Force safety standards for thread count and also fit perfectly into the new thinned out cores without showing through cosmetically on the bottom of the board. Another bonus of the 4-pack insert is more stance width options, allowing for even more customization of your new Influence to perfectly fit your riding style.

Here are some popular questions we’ve seen about this new metric insert bar:

Can I use my 2010 or earlier LF pads & straps/boots on a 2011 LF board? YES, please make sure to use the new 2011 metric hardware. We have these hardware kits available at REAL.

Can I purchase 2011 Liquid Force Pads & Straps or Boots, and mount them to my 2010 or earlier board? YES, for 2010 or earlier boards, please make sure to use standard US thread hardware. Both metric and standard US thread hardware are included with 2011 Pads/Straps/Boots or you can purchase additional sets of US thread hardware at REAL.

Can I force my older(prior to 2011) hardware into my new 2011 board? NO, NO, NO!!!!! This will strip the inserts and ruin your board.

Can I force my new 2011 metric hardware into my 2010 or earlier LF board? Again...NO, NO, NO!!!! This will strip the inserts and ruin your board.

Why won’t the US convert to the metric system like the rest of the world? At this point the US is dug in pretty deep and may have missed the metric train leaving the station if you get my drift. Either way, if you’re riding a new Influence, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t be sweating small details like this!

Hope this helps with your questions. Again, the goal with this change in inserts was to create a thinner insert that complimented the new thinner core, while at the same time adhering to LF’s strict safety guidelines for thread count. This thread count is what keeps YOU attached to your board, so it’s nice to know LF is keeping you and your board’s attachment in mind!

REAL has the new 2011 Liquid Force Influence in stock in 130cm and 135cm sizes, ready for immediate delivery. We are also taking pre-orders on the big guy certified 2011 140cm Influence.

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