2010 ESA Easterns Wrap Up

by REAL Watersports

Big Waves…Big Results

The ESA Easterns Surfing Championships were held in Cape Hatteras, NC September 19th-25th. The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) is the largest amateur surfing organization n the world with over 7,000 active, competitive members. This event has launched the successful surfing careers of 9x world Champion Kelly Slater, 2001 World Champion CJ Hobgood, as well as many other world famous East Coast born and bred professional surfers. This year marks the 43rd annual running of this event and 2010 will be a year remembered for big waves and big results.

More often than not, surfing comps have to be put on hold due to lack of surf. This year, thanks to the offshore thump of Hurricane Igor, Cape Hatteras was pounded with surf that peaked at over 12 feet with a 15 second period. Competitors that arrived early got to score some great overhead waves at The Cove on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately The Cove was the only break that could come close to holding that type of swell, and this surf put the ESA on hold to actually wait for the surf to get smaller, as it was nearly impossible to paddle out at both competition sites (The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Ramp 55).

Once the surf subsided to “competition-ready size”, early heats at The Lighthouse had to settle for surfing the inside reforms as the outside sets were too big to let most competitors through. “Double Beach” format saw two event sites being run simultaneously to catch up on lost time. The waves subsided to show some great form and classic Cape Hatteras “thickness” through the mid week, then tapered to mere grovelers by the end of the week. If you were here for 7 days you started out with sets in the double overhead range and then finished up with waves that were barely breaking above your kneecaps. Competition sure does hone the surfer’s skills in a variety of conditions!

REAL hosted two events during the Easterns on Sunday, September 19th and Thursday, Spetember 23rd. The ESA Welcome Party was held at REAL on Sunday, September 19th with catered food from MOJOs Sunset Café and live music with The Wilder Brothers. Over 200 ESA Competitors and Staff attended the event and were greeted with perfect weather, an epic sunset and tasty food and drinks from MOJOs. The Wilder Brothers played from 6-10pm and impressed the crowd with their unique style and their ability to draw in the audience to every tune. On Thursday, September 23rd, REAL hosted the ESA Easterns Event party with over 700 competitors, staff and family members attending! Live music from Charleston, SC’s The Plainfield Project, an authentic NC Pig Roast with all the fixin’s, the big screen debut of Transworld’s High-5 Surf Film, and TONS of FREE prizes from Ergo made this night a highlight of the week for everyone. Both of these events are OPEN to the PUBLIC and are a great way to “rub elbows” with some of the best up and coming surfers in the country.

Special THANKS to all the sponsors of the ESA competitive season, plus the sponsors that made the events at REAL possible during the Easterns, including generous donations from the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, Outer Beaches Realty, Transworld Surf Magazine, Ergo, Gatorade, Dakine, Nixon, First South Bank, and Watermen’s Retreat.

2010 ESA Easterns Surfing Championships Results

Menehune Final (11 & Under, M/F)
1st 2009 NSC-4+AS Luke Gordon
2nd M01 CNC-1 Stevie Pittman
3rd S02 TCFL-1 Chris O'Donnell
4th S01 CFL-1+AS Luke Marks

Boys Final (12-14)
1st 2009 NSC-1+AS Cam Richards
2nd S02 NCFL-1 Daniel Glenn
3rd S01 CFL-2+AS Corey Howell
4th S04 TCFL-1 Giorgio Gomez

Junior Men Final (15-17)
1st 2009 SNC Nick Rupp
2nd S01 CFL-3 Chris Tucke
3rd M04 SNC-3+AS Dylan Kowalski
4th S02 NFL-4 Keto Burns

Men Final (18-24)
1st N02 CNJ-3 Conor Willem
2nd S02 TCFL-2 Chase Robertson
3rd N06 CNJ-4 Royce Weber
4th S05 PBFL-3 Rick Mellen

Masters Final (25-34)
1st M01 CNC-4 Slater Powell
2nd N04 GRLK-1 Burton Hathaway
3rd 2009 NY Jeff Anthony
4th M05 OBNC-1 Prescott Metcalf

Senior Men Final (35-44)
1st 2009 NFL-3 Jason Motes
2nd N02 CNJ-1 Pat Emery
3rd N01 SNE-2 Chuck Barend
4th M03 SSC-1 Kai Dilling

Grandmasters Final (45-54)
1st M01 OBNC-1 Reese Patterson
2nd S04 SAFL-3 Charley Hajek
3rd M04 OBNC-2 Joe Gillen
4th S03 NCFL-1 Jay Smith

Legends Final (55-64)
1st M01 VA-1 Bobby Holland
2nd S09 TCFL-1 Doug Bogue
3rd S02 PBFL-1 Jon Jones
4th N02 NY-2 Ed Fawess

Grand Legends Final (65 & Over, M/F)
1st S01 NCFL-1 George Alford
2nd M01 VA-1 Michael Clark
3rd N01 SNJ-1 Tom McClaren
4th S02 PBFL-1 Chum McCranels

Girls Final (14 & Under)
1st S05 CFL-3+AS Emily Ruppert
2nd 2009 CFL-1+AS Nikki Viesins
3rd M05 SNC-1+AS Darsha Pigford
4th M02 NSC-4 Katie Gordon

Junior Women Final (15-17)
1st 2009 NSC Keenan Lineback
2nd S03 CFL-1+AS Savannah Bradley
3rd S01 SAFL-1 Haley Watson
4th S02 NFL-1+AS Kayla Durden

Women Final (18-29)
1st S05 NFL-3 Teale Beckenbach
2nd M03 NSC-1 Laura Parks
3rd S04 NFL-1 Katie Sullivan
4th S06 WFL-1 Gigi Reiter

Ladies Final (30 Over)
1st N01 SNE-1+AS Ana Barend
2nd M04 NSC-1 Terry Green
3rd M03 NSC-2 Vivian Jordan
4th M01 OBNC-1 Cayce Patterson

Menehune Longboard Final (14 & Under, M/F)
1st S01 NCFL-1+AS Daniel Glenn
2nd S04 CFL-1 Fisher Grant
3rd M04 NSC-4 Zach Freyer
4th S06 SAFL-1 Canon Embrey

Junior Longboard Final (15-17)
1st M06 VA-6 Cam Fullmer
2nd M01 SNC-1 Bradley Rose
3rd S01 PBFL-1+AS Patrick Nichols
4th N03 SNJ-2T Zach Tomlinson

Men Longboard Final (18-34)
1st M01 SNC-2 Steven Mangiacapre
2nd N03 NY-1 Alex Fawess
3rd N02 SNJ-2 Kevin DeWald
4th N01 SNJ-3 Shane Matthews

Masters Longboard Final (35-49)
1st N05 CNJ-2 Pat Emery
2nd N01 SNE-3 Chuck Barend
3rd S03 NFL-2 Jason Motes
4th M03 SSC-2 Dave Mello

Legends Longboard Final (50 & Over)
1st S01 NCFL-2 Bill Whatley
2nd N07 SNJ-3 Tom Leonik
3rd N02 NNE-1 Lenny Nichols
4th N01 SNJ-2 Joe Grottola

Womens Longboard Final (29 & Under)
1st M04 NSC-6 Katie Gordon
2nd M09 SSC-1 Mary Townsend Bourque
3rd M06 SNC1 Chandler Von Cannon
4th 2009 VA-1 Kate Easton

Ladies Longboard Final (30 & Over)
1st N01 SNE-1 Ana Barend
2nd N02 NY-4 Kim Romagnesi
3rd 2009 SNC Jo Pickett
4th M04 NSC- 1 Vivian Jordan

Menehunes Bodyboard Final (14 & Under)
1st M04 VA-3 Jackson Lewis
2nd M01 VA-1 Noah Fiedler
3rd M02 OBNC-1 Joey Gillen
4th M11 DMV-3 Simon Hetrick

Open Bodyboard Final (All Ages, M/F)
1st N01 NY-1 John Heyman
2nd M04 OBNC-2 Brian Breiholz
3rd M05 DMV-4 Kyle Latch
4th M07 DMV-2 Matt Landon

Open Shortboard Final (All Ages, M/F)
1st S02 CFL-6 Chris Tucker
2nd M02 SNC-2 Nick Rupp
3rd M17 SNC-1 Shane Burn
4th S04 CFL-1 Corey Howell

Greg Noll East Coast Hall of Fame (Invitational)
1st N SNE Peter Pan
2nd S PBFL Chum McCranels

All Star Tag Team
1st SNC District Team 42.33
2nd NSC District Team 40.46
3rd TCFL District Team 29.83
4th SNJ District Team 18.57

Iron Man
Pat Emery 71 points

Adult Hot Wave
N01 SNE-1+AS Ana Barend
Perfect score, all 10s

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