20 Kiteboarding Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

by REAL Watersports

REAL team rider Brandon Scheid kiteboarding in Brazil

Satisfy your sessional cravings and inject some extra stoke into your instagram feed by following these kiteboarders.

Alex Fox took everyone by surprise at the 2013 Triple-S with is impressive array of wake style prowess. He's also a very gifted artist and is heavily involved in Slingshot's graphics department. Naturally, his instagram feed is a combination of these two aspects of his life.

Alex Fox Kiteboarding Alex Fox's Kiteboard Art

Alex Pastor is the current world freestyle champion and his instagram feed is jam packed with mid trick shots to inspire you for your next session.

Alex Pastor Kiteboarding Alex Pastor Kiteboarding

The king of style and master of the feel good beach vibe.

Andre Phillip Instagram Kiteboarding Andre Phillip Instagram

Brandon Scheid puts more thought, time and energy into his instagram account than anyone else we know and it shows. His feed is an amazing selection of kiteboarding shots guaranteed to make you want to get out there!

Brandon Scheid Kiteboarding in Brazil Brandon Scheid Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras

Ben Wilson does a damn fine job of showing us how much fun he's having and every picture he posts sparks a little fire inside to get out and ride. For that reason alone he's well worth a follow. Oh, he knows a thing or two about kitesurfing too.

Ben Wilson Kitesurfing Ben Wilson Kitesurfing

When Colleen Carroll won every discipline at the 2013 Triple-S, she certainly turned a few heads. Her feed is a great combo of happy smiles & insane riding.

Colleen Carroll Kiteboarding In Cape Hatteras Colleen Carroll

Craig is another Cape Hatteras regular whose feed is packed with awesome riding shots - which is exactly what we want to see!

Craig Cunningham Kiteboarding Craig Cunningham Kiteboarding In Cape Hatteras

Eric looks at everything differently - always looking to go bigger and grab longer. That's why we're stoked he's part of the REAL team and why you should follow him.

Eric Rienstra Kiteboarding In Cape Hatteras | Photo: Nate Appel Eric Rienstra Kiteboarding

Ian Alldredge doesn't post too often because he's too busy blowing people's minds but it's definitely often enough to be worth a follow.

Ian Alldredge Kitesurfing Ian Alldredge Kitesurfing

Jake's been perfecting his kite mounted go pro shots and scored GoPro's "photo of the day" last year.

Jake Kelsick Kiteboarding Jake Kelsick Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras

Jason is the original REAL team rider and has been promoting the sport of kiteboarding like a champ for over a decade. He's something of a legend and spends more time on unreal trips than anyone else we know!

Jason Slezak Kiteboarding Jason Slezak Kiteboarding

Jesse had a big year last year winning Red Bull King Of The Air and setting the internet alight with his #jessetowup project. He's also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Jesse Richman Kiteboarding Jesse Richman Kiteboarding

Josh is a REAL team rider and one of the most respected professional surfers in the world. The best thing about his instagram is trying to work out whether he is kitesurfing or surfing in his photos!

Josh Mulcoy Kitesurfing Josh Mulcoy Kitesurfing

The current female world freestyle champion's feed includes lots of great riding shots and a fun window into life on tour.

Karolina Winkowska Kiteboarding Life on tour with Karolina Winkowska

Matt Keenan is a NJ local, professional surfer/kitesurfer, REAL team rider and hands down the most stoked guy in the world. He also doesn't have Facebook so his instagram feed gets plenty of attention!

Matt Keenan Surfing Matt Keenan Kitesurfing

Patrick Rebstock has been helping push kitesurfing for a while now with his skills both in front of and behind the lens. His Instagram feed is a nice combination of his own riding and images of everyone he rides with.

Patrick Rebstock Kitesurfing Patrick Rebstock Kitesurfing

Sam Light's instagram feed is a combo of happy faces and awesome riding. He's one of the first riders to really embrace micro videos too.

Sam Light Kiteboarding Sam Light Kiteboarding In Cape Hatteras

Sam Medysky's feed is loaded with awesome kiteboarding shots and even more awesome mustache shots.

Sam Medysky Kiteboarding Sam Medysky

Sensi Graves is a Cape Hatteras regular, ripper and she also runs her own bikini company: Sensi Graves Bikinis. Her instagram feed includes kiteboarding photos, bikini team shoots and a whole lot more.

Sensi Graves Kiteboarding Sensi has her own bikini company too: Sensi Graves Bikinis.

Last but not least:

A magnificent combination of gear, Cape Hatteras sessions, team rider shots and more. Pretty much a damn good time all around :)

Nate Appel Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras New surfboard shipments = happy hour @ REAL Matt Nuzzo Kitesurfing In Cape Hatteras

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