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Originally designed and marketed as a small wave step down to the …Lost V2 Shortboard, the Weekend Warrior has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve than just high performance groveling.

6'2" x 21" x 2.75"
Split Diamond Tail
Tri/Quad 5 Fin (FCS II)
Vol: 40.18L

*Stock tri/quad fin set included.

This limited edition Weekend Warriors feature custom artwork and was hand finished and signed by Matt Biolos. Think of it like ordering a custom and having it delivered in a week!

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The Weekend Warrior came about as one of Matt Biolos’ personal small wave boards. Matt spent so much time riding his new domesticated V2 Shortboard that he didn’t want to transition on and off a wider/rounder board like the LayZboy, Couch Potato, etc for smaller waves. The Weekend Warrior was the result of him tweaking the V2 Shortboard for smaller waves with a wider outline and tail, plus a flatter rocker. Is it just for small, gutless waves? Read on.

Weekend Warrior Tech Specs:
• Pointed nose HP style outline
• Wider per length than standard HP’s
• Carries width for good amount of board length
• Split diamond tail
• Deep single concave bottom shape
• Flatter rocker overall, accelerated tail rocker for tight turns

What we like:
The Weekend Warrior is a great board as a step down groveler to HP boards, especially for surfers who know how to surf a high performance shortboard well. It doesn’t “surf itself” in small waves, like a LayZboy, Couch Potato or RV, it needs to be worked rail to rail like a high performance shortboard and that’s when it really lights up in small surf. For this type of surf it paddles great, catches waves really easily and has a ton of horsepower out the back with the wide split diamond tail.

After several of us surfed this board regularly for the past three months, here’s a few more things we found out about it that …Lost didn’t mention in their original release:
1. The Weekend Warrior is a sick little board for racey beach breaks. Think Cape Hatteras, NJ, small Ocean Beach, etc. Waves with some punch, barrels, breaking fast down the line. The Weekend Warrior catches the wave early, doesn’t catch the nose on late drops and “rockets” down the line, making more sections. (If you cover up the split in the tail and connect the ends, it actually looks like a rocket tail.) The long straight rail line in the back of the board gives it tons of down the line drive. It’s also a great board for decent size mushy surf, connecting sections and also waves that break, reform and then break again. For all of this, the big tail and flatter rocker help keep it going.

2. This board has more range than just small waves. We’ve ridden it in everything shin high up to 1-2” overhead and it held (actually surprised us). The split diamond is reminiscent of a split fish tail and those hold great in larger surf when you need them too. Once the surf is overhead you will obviously do better on other boards, but the fact that it was still totally rippable was an eye opener.

3. This is a great “pointed nose” high performance board for surfers who have a quiver of wider, easier to ride boards like the RV, LayZboy, Couch Potato, but want an HP board in their quiver to mix it up a bit. Why? It carries a good bit of width from early on in it’s length all the way thru the tail. This makes it really stable (like the wider boards) plus plane off and haul ass really fast. The big wide tail also gives you PLENTY to PUSH off of in the turns, just like an RV or LayZboy with Futures Controllers. It has a very familiar and powerful feeling. The nose doesn’t hang up in late, hollow drops, plus it stays in the pocket for the barrel rather than racing out onto the shoulder like some of the wider boards. The turns are sharper, more precise and FASTER, as you aren’t throwing such a wide nose around. 20 years old to 55 years old, every person who had some fatties in their quiver and tried the Weekend Warrior all came back with the same feedback.

Insider info:
Wide Tail = Quad? You would think so. While many of the surfers really like the quad set up in their WW, the tri set up is the one that is the most surprising and carries the loudest ovation. Maybe it’s that long straight rail that creates more than enough drive so the tri just loosens it up and makes it more pivotal off the top and bottom? Good educated guess, but either way, …tri, quad and even quad plus nubster, the Weekend Warrior goes fast and lays down some great turns.

This board really likes to be ridden on the pad, all the way back against the ramp. With such a wide powerful tail, you can ride it forward off the pad, but it really lights up on the pad, especially jammed all the way back against the kicktail. It’s got a wide tail so make sure you choose a tailpad what has a wide tail block and is a mutli-piece pad so you can spread it out to cover the area.

…Lost is right. The tail shape either creates total stoke or total controversy. Some love it, others raise their nose with an air of skepticism. After riding them for 3 months, regardless of the look of the tail, it definitely works and adds performance to the rest of the shape. I don’t think you would get such a wide range out of a squash, diamond or swallow, as you would lose the split tail design (like a split tail fish) and would lose all of that range and performance. Either way, the tail is definitely the first thing that people look at when they see the board.

This board grovels well for people that know how to surf high performance shortboards. If you’re not good at that (or into that) then you won’t like it for groveling, but you will still really like it for anything over waist high plus.

Why you want a …Lost Weekend Warrior:
You want a “pointy nosed board” that rips in a wide range of conditions for a wide range of surfers.

…Lost Description
The "Weekend Warrior" : Is the latest greatest "Domesticated" model we make. It came about after a couple months of myself riding the new V2-Shortboards. When the surf got tiny I did not wanting to go back to the radically different small wave boards (Like the Couch Potatos or Bottom Feeders) and have to adjust so dramatically back and forth. it seemed I needed a new twist on a small wave, pointed nose, shortboard influenced design. Hoping to make as seamless of transition as possible from the V2-Shortboard, I started with my 6'3" 21" 2.75" and shortened it, then lowered the entry rocker, widened the nose a bit and widened the tail dramatically. The extreme wide tail creates a very straight outline in the rear half of the board (reminiscent our our "Tri-Fish" and other Rocket Fish of the mid 90's), so I figured I could increase the concave for more lift in small surf, which also added significant rail rocker..thus adding a more progressive and tight wrapped turning radius off of the rear foot. For the tail shape, I was thinking swallow, but it looked old and done a million times. i first cut a diamond into to it, hoping to shorten the rail line further and allow one to stand a bit more central on the board, and then taking a cue from many of the young indy-hipster shapers, I cut a deep wedge into the stringer. This created a "Split Diamond" tail. The prototype I made myself seemed to cause some controversy. At the same time, it also gave this design a lot of instant recognition and surely brought the other shapers plenty of exposure they might not have normally received. All the elements add up to a shorter, compact and effective small wave design that is high on volume, but holds and carries it well. It should allow us "Domesticated" dudes another option to chose from in order to ride a pointed nose weapon in small and gutless surf. it makes an incredible one/two punch as a two board quiver with the V2-Shortboard. For those turned off by the Split Diamond tail, We have already made them as swallows, diamonds and even winged Squash tails…all with similar results.

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