Lost Sub Scorcher 2 5'9"

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The …Lost Sub Scorcher 2 is the new 2013 Mayhem HP release for flatter faced waves like Trestles.

5'9" x 19.13" x 2.32"
Tri/Quad 5 Fin (FCS)
Swallow Tail
Vol: 27.52L

*Stock tri/quad fin set included.

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Sub Scorcher 2 Tech Specs: Compared to Sub Scorcher….
1. Decreased Vee in the last 6”
2. Increased Tail Rocker
3. Straighter Rail Line in Tail for More Drive
4. Still Easy to Surf

What We Like:
The Sub Scorcher is the easiest shortboard to surf in the …Lost lineup. A lot of people switched to Sub Driver this year purely because it was new. Some of them switched for the right reasons – because the Drivers work better in punchier, more hollow surf – and some switched because of the buzz of the new board. The Sub Scorcher is plain and simple a very easy board to surf really well. Lean forward it goes fast, lean back it turns hard. It’s also paddles and catches waves insanely easy for it’s size.

The Sub Scorcher 2 is a new version of the Sub Scorcher (the original is still being made and popular too). Anyone who can surf a hybrid can surf this board if they size it correctly. The main changes to the board give it more drive down the line and also loosen it up in the pocket of the wave. It’s got a really nice feel under your arm and the swallowtail adds a good bit of hold in the turns for deep carves.

What We Don’t Like:
The name is going to send people for a loop. The Sub Scorcher 2 is just as easy to surf as the original Sub Scorcher, which is probably the easiest pointed nose shortboard to surf out there. Really easy to paddle and catch waves on this board. I guess pros like easy now too.

The only thing this board doesn’t like is hollow waves where the flatter nose rocker can hang up. A lot of people get caught up on the size of the waves, but it’s actually the shape of the waves that make this board work or not. It can handle way more size than you think, as long as it’s not sucking below sea level.

Why you want a Sub Scorcher 2:
This is a high performance shortboard that opens up “high performance” capabilities to the masses. The Sub Scorcher 2 excels in flatter faced waves knee up to head+ high and is very easy to skate off the front foot to create ridiculous speed.

…Lost Description
“The Sub Scorcher 2- A fresh twist to the extremely popular Sub Scorcher. I started making this one just for friends and some team riders, and it then gained popularity among the So-Cal custom order crew simply by word of mouth. The premise is simple: By taking all of the Sub Scorchers trademark vee out of the last 6” of the tail, we increase the rocker by about 1/4”, while the rail line remains static. This loosens up the board to better allow a more vertical and in the pocket attack. At the same time to counter any possible loss of drive we straightened the outline in the tail by changing it to a double wing swallow. The straight lines of the tail adds drive and the swallow adds bite in turns. The overall rocker, volume and outline is still the same and the board remains a great “everyman’s” small to average wave shortboard.” – Matt “Mayhem” Biolos
Lost Sub Scorcher 2 REAL Pro Review by Toby Diggens Sometimes when you are browsing surfboards you come across a shape that you just can’t resist and it was basically this that drew me to the Lost Sub Scorcher 2. I was looking to switch out my old small wave board which I loved (Roberts Modern 80s) and wanted something that had a little less nose volume in order to have a little more performance versus the previous shape. Once the board was in my hands I knew it felt good. Nice rails that felt not too beefy and still like a shortboard but a very flat rocker that would be getting me into waves early and with quick speed to take on the summer small wave standard. The first impressions on the board were great, super easy paddle ins left me so much time to get two good pumps in to generate down the line speed for a turn. I have the double wing swallow tail which when laying into a rail feels really solid and compared to a squash requires a lot of back foot pressure to break out the tail into a slide. If you want a looser feel then ordering this board as a squash will give you an easier fin break. Into Cutbacks and the board generated speed through the turn which I was most excited about as for Hatteras it tends to be that you get a good initial powerful section to hit followed by a tailing off of the wave that you can put a cutty into. Solid rebound and then into a speedy release back into the power section of the wave. I felt that this is due to the flatter rocker in the board and I was able to accelerate away for the next turn. A word on sizing, I am 6’1 185lbs and bought the 5’11, its 30.11L and floats me perfectly. I can’t wait for summer when we are out of wetsuits and the board will get even more lively! Definitely a must for anybody’s quiver who wants to surf fast and maintain a performance feel this summer.

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