Lost Sub Blaster 6'0"

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The Sub Blaster features the proven Sub Scorcher outline and surfs smooth in windy or bumpy conditions.

6'0" x 20.5" x 2.56"
Squash Tail
Tri/Quad 5 Fin (FCS)

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Surfers spend their entire lives avoiding or complaining about wind. Finally somebody did something more productive and actually designed a board for windy or bumpy conditions. How often is it actually perfect? More often than not, you’ll be surfing in wind chop, cross chop or backwash. The Sub Blaster takes all of this and cuts through it like a hot knife through butter. The secret is in the outline, foam flow and bottom shape.

Sub Blaster Tech Specs:
• Sub Scorcher Outline
• Flashback Rocker, Foam Flow and Bottom Shape
• Tri/Quad 5-fin set up

What We Like:
This board is really easy to paddle and maintain momentum on. Sub Blasters are meant to be ridden a little larger (more volume, not longer) than concave boards. The slight vee bottom in the back half of the board sits it down in the water and rolls rail to rail very easily and fast. If you are a fan of the …Lost Plank, Uber Plank or Bottom Feeder, then you will really like this board for better days since it carries that same powder snowboard carve through the turns. It also has enough foam to bleed your speed to almost zero and still stay moving. The wide tail also carries speed on mushier days. The Sub Blaster really benefits from the 5-fin set up. The quad is way looser and faster in mushy surf, where the tri works better once the waves have some push.

What We Don’t Like:
This board is a touch slower out of the gate since it doesn’t have the lift of a single concave. The extra foam should get you up to your feet faster to help compensate for this. It takes a little adjusting to if you’re used to deep single concave boards, but one you get it wired, you’ll find yourself building momentum the entire ride rather than lifting, slapping and slowing down.

Why you want the Sub Blaster:
You want the Sub Blaster for its ability to cut through chop and build momentum the entire ride. It’s smoooooooth!

...Lost Description
A blast from the past. Spawning from the “Flashback” model of 2010. It features the Flashbacks rocker, foil and volume and dimensions, smashed together with the Sub-Scorcher’s hugely popular outline. The Flashback in one of my all time favorite mushy wave boards but many people were put off by the radical tail shape. The 1980’s influenced bottom, featuring low rocker and a slight vee throughout, allows you to ride much more volume than you normally would (making waves easy to catch and connecting slow sections a breeze) and still be able to get the board on rail. Even though it’s thick, it doesn’t ride flat or boaty. Another benefit to vee bottoms is how they cut through chop and slop like a knife through butter. The squash tail is a perfect summer time toy and and I also made a round pin version that opens the design up to waves well over-head and even tubes. I made one for myself and surfed all over the Menatwais with it this spring. Rock it with bright neon colors, a 5 fin convertible set up and blast away summer boredom.
When I think about great paddling and the ability to deal with chop, I immediately think this board would be a blast(er) on the windy NE swell days at The Lighthouse here in Cape Hatteras (or any place similar). You can order this board squash or upsize it 2” with same width and thickness for a roundtail. The roundtail version will have more top end on the bigger days.

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