Lost Rock-Up Hydroflex 6'1"

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The Lost Rock-Up is like any good blend: smooth and clean on the palette. What you have in the Lost Rock-Up is a mixture of easy wave catching coupled with an ability to get deeper and steeper than you previously thought you could. You certainly don't have to be a pro to enjoy the Rock-Up and dominate solid sessions.

6'1" x 20" x 2.5"
Pin Tail
Tri Fin (Future)
Hydroflex Natural
Vol: 32.09L

*Stock tri fin set included.

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Out Of Stock

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…Lost Rock-Up Tech Specs
• Tri Fin Setup
• Low Entry Nose Rocker
• Wider Nose Outline than traditional step-ups
• Pronounced Tail Rocker
• Tapered Rails

What We Like:
What we love is the casual blending or two schools of thought into one board. Look at the front of the board and you are basically looking at a wave catching machine similar to the …Lost Rocket or Mini Driver. This wider nose outline and less pronounced nose rocker will literally pull you into waves. No longer are there times when you are staring over the ledge because your toothpick has left you too much to do - we have all been there!

Drawing back to the bottom half of the board and you have a tail shape and rocker outline which rivals any proper step-up. The rails are tapered along its length and this delivers great control at speed and still gives you (despite the extra foam under the chest) maneuverability in waves of consequence and power.

Additionally you receive healthy tail kick (rocker) to have you sliding into the bombs and gripping the face in a much more critical section of the wave. These two attributes combine to give any surfer an awesome platform to develop their larger wave game!

What We Don’t Like:
The lower entry rocker (nose rocker) is quite shallow and when really pushed in under the lip take offs felt a little difficult to control. If you are a really advanced surfer who likes later than late drops, you might want to ask to have some nose volume shaved out and additional flip to be added to your custom Rock-Up.

Why You Want the …Lost Rock-Up
Because you love to surf for hours and paddle back up the point to catch bomb set after bomb set, because you love the thought of paddling round everyone and because its more about getting into waves and making them than worrying about your nose dimensions and logo placement. Anyone that surfs any hybrid will lap this board up on the bigger days.


Hydroflex 3D rooted vacuum bag tchnology infuses the fiberglass INTO the blank. This creates an ultra-strong bond between the two reducing the chances of delams that eventually lead to buckles. Made in the USA.

Natural construction starts with a hand shaped, PU blank with a stringer. This produces a familiar PU feel that's significantly lighter and stronger than standard PU/Poly Boards.

Lasts 2x longer than standard PU/Poly boards.

"They're really light for PU boards because the lamination process removes all unneeded resin. Kolohe Andino needed boards that were lighter and stronger, but still wanted the tried and true feeling of PU blanks, so we made him a few for his latest quiver." ...Lost Shaper Matt Biolos

Hydroflex boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have excellent flex characteristics. They are glassed with epoxy, so they give you a more natural and lively feel compared to a surfboard glassed with poly. Boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have Hydroflex "Set flex" and don't require air. Stringer P/U blanks and epoxy resin components keep the boards extremely light weight. We use the Hydroflex patented 3-dimensional bonding structure.

• Natural feeling through epoxy glassing
• Great performance
• Extremely light weight
• Great flex characteristics comparable to the "SuperCharger"
• Hydroflex 3D glassing for stronger Surfboards compared to standard P/U
• More affordable than a SuperCharger
• Completely customizable shapes and glassing

...Lost Description:
If a Rocket (or other hybrid) has become your favorite daily board, and you find it frustrating switching back to a traditional, pointy nose step-up board on bigger, crowded days …then this board is for you. Designed to be ridden 2-4” longer than you would a Rocket. The low entry rocker, flat deck and tapered rails (with a full forward outline) paddles through crowds and moving water, and catches waves with ease. The pulled in tail, combined with the aggressive tail rocker and a smoother, shallower concave, allows controlled maneuvers at high speeds on chest high to double overhead waves. Chris Ward’s one board quiver these days.

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