Lost MC Metro 6'0"

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Maurice Cole has teamed up with …Lost to produce his two most popular (and revolutionary) models : The MC Metro and Hetro.

6'0" x 20.5" x 2.625"
Swat Tail
Tri Fin (FCS II)

*Stock tri fin set included.

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Maurice Cole has been making boards for over 40 years, and for the best surfers in the world since 1991 when he turned the surfboard world upside down with the reverse vee design he made for Tom Curren. Among those cherishing the speed of Maurice’s boards include legends like Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Occy, Ross Clarke Jones, Rob Machado and many more….

Maurice’s new boards focus on deep concaves, hard edges with incredible speed and total control. With his background in huge wave towsurfing (as well as mid and small wave performance surfing), he has again uncovered a combination of design features truly unique in the surfing world. The new MC Metro and Hetro are easily accessible by average surfers and supercharge any wave with the ability to surf it at much higher speeds, with more down the line drive and incredibly powerful turns.

Metro/Hetro Tech Specs:
• The deepest single concave ever (up to 1”)
• Sharp rail edge full length of board
• SWAT tail on Metro
• Squash tail on Hetro

What we like:
If you know anything about surfboard design, you can literally look at this board for hours and not get bored with all the tech going on. I’m not exaggerating when I say I snuck down to my garage at least 6 times in a weekend to check out my Metro before the first time I got to surf it. The concave is the deepest you will ever see with a hard, crisp edge running from nose to tail. Also noticeable is the concentration of the volume directly under your chest. These boards have a very proportionately thin (not narrow) nose and tail. Even at 2.75” thick in the middle, my nose and tail are incredibly thin, the thinnest of any board I have owned. They still have plenty of width for planing area, it’s just all the foam has been shaved out for more control and faster reaction time in turns.

Last, but definitely not least is the SWAT tail design and construction on the Metro. The design is basically a moon tail, with the points chopped off and then a solid bead of fiberglass and resin laid up all along the back edge of the board. Anyone who has ridden a moon or a swallow will praise the carving ability but will curse the durability of the points in the tail. The SWAT (cross between Swallow and Bat) addresses the durability and produces a tail with incredible turning and durability that will not chip and erode away in front of your eyes like typical pointed tailed boards. Bomber!

The session I got to test this board had a combo of the worst and the best conditions possible for it. Waist to shoulder high, full tide walls with solid wind chop and cross swell on the outside, rolling in behind a jetty then cleaning up to relatively smooth peeling lines. The Metro was ROCKET fast out of the gate and you could literally double your speed on the first bottom turn. The combo of the lift of the concave with the drive of the full-length hard edge is incredible. It feels like you have the drive of a 9ft board compacted into a 6ft board. The result is higher speed surfing, making sections you normally wouldn’t have and then unleashing the speed into your turns- which become even more exciting thanks to the thinness of the tail and nose.

All of the waves were frontside for me and I didn’t get to ride it backside, but for frontside surfing it has all the lift and drive you’ve ever wanted out of all your boards, put into one. Crazy fast, opening up a new speed of surfing you didn’t know existed. Both open face carving turns and more pivotal turns off the top were equally impressive on the Metro. You could really feel that thin tail digging deep and keeping the SPEED under control. I was surfing with Matt Nuzzo, and he said after my very first wave “You came out of your very first turn going twice as fast” so I guess it wasn’t just something I was “feeling” but actual increased speed through the water.

What we don’t like:
Deep concaves typically don’t like crazy, out of control surface chop. I was kind of surprised that the Metro even handled what we were surfing on the outside part of the break. As long as you stayed on top of the board and in control, the Metro handled the psycho-chop amazingly well and you could still benefit from the added speed and section making drive. I did have a few “holy sh#$%^&T” falls where I wasn’t over the board and then hit a vein in the wave and a piece of cross chop at the same time that literally sent me into orbit away from the board – kind of like the fall you were never expecting x 10. These were all on the outside in conditions sloppy enough that we were only two of four surfers surfing a break that typically has 30-40 surfers on a good day, so you know it wasn’t that clean. Once the wave rolled into the inside and cleaned up, that’s when the Metro took off and really shined. I’d say anywhere from glass to normal texture it’s a winner, but when it’s super nasty you have to stay on top of it.

What other …Lost boards does the MC Metro and Hetro compare to?
Since it’s a …Lost collab, and the board is shaped by Maurice Cole and then glassed at …Lost, this is a very popular question. The closest board that ..Lost makes would be the Sub Scorcher 2. Same accessibility and wave range as the MC Metro and Hetro. The SS2 would also fall under the same category of rockers, with flatter entry and accelerated tail rocker. Where the MC Metro and Hetro differ are in the depth of the concave, sharpness of the rail and also exaggerated volume distribution (thinner nose and tail). This gives the Metro and Hetro incredible lift, speed and drive down the line. Other boards you may be looking at in the ….Lost lineup and should consider the MC Metro/Hetro include the V2 Rocket and V3 Rocket. These would both be ridden shorter than the Metro/Hetro, but would cover similar surf and surfers.

Putting all these boards in one paragraph doesn’t really do justice to their subtle differences – or in the case of the MCs – massive differences – but at least you now know which boards would be the closest to the MC Metro and Hetro.

Why you want a …Lost Maurice Cole Metro or Hetro:
Everything else looks and surfs the same. The …Lost MC Metro and Hetro add a healthy dose of speed, power and control to a very accessible shortboard design.

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