Lost Couch Potato Hydroflex 6'1"


The Couch Potato is the easy to surf, small wave mega-groveler in the new …Lost Domesticated Series.

6'1" x 22.88" x 2.75" Vol: 44.11L

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Married, kids and a mortgage payment? …Lost released their new Domesticated Series this year to custom tailor a line of boards to your specific needs…REALITY! You have a limited amount of days and hours to surf and you want to maximize them. Three boards make up this series : The Couch Potato, LayZboy and V2 Stub. The Couch Potato features an elliptical outline, higher volumes and a 5-fin set up. The “CP” is focused on small wave groveling in the ankle to soft chest high range. Ease of use, maximum wave count and a 5 foot sweet spot make REALITY sound like FREE MONEY when the surf is small!

Couch Potato Tech Specs
• Elliptical outline : More full figured compared to LayZboy
• Flat entry rocker : Easier paddling and ridiculous glide in mush
• Flat to slight vee/double concave bottom
• Tri/Quad 5 Fin standard with Futures Boxes
• *Includes Futures Fiberglass Controller Quad Fins ($104 value)

What we like:
…Lost is designing boards for reality conditions and reality surfers. Plain and simple that’s what we like! The Couch Potato can literally take ANY surfer and turn them into a small wave fun hog. Round nose, flat rocker, elliptical outline and full volume translate to a design that has a massive sweet spot and is very easy to surf in otherwise “don’t even bother” shortboard conditions. Just like the LayZBoy, the CP has a very long sweet spot allowing surfers to stand anywhere on the board and still have it turn and go fast. This is great for bobbled take offs where your feet might not end up in the right place or for more advanced surfers that want to style trim the highline then step back for a more precise snap.

The name of this board pretty much matches the look…WIDE. This board can cancel your longboard, or even better yet, cancel other longboards in the lineup. You can surf it like a shortboard off the tail, a single fin off the middle or a longboard by hanging 5. You will smile the entire time you are surfing this board.

Insider info:
Historically when …Lost releases a new board, their devout following mistakenly assumes it completely replaces any board similar to it. With the Couch Potato, the board in question is the Lost Bottom Feeder. Which one is better? Or more “groveley”? Both are the most grovel-oriented in the …Lost lineup, it just depends on the surfer and how they want to ride the board. The Couch Potato can be ridden from anywhere on the board and is SUPER forgiving and easy. Sometimes easy can equal beginner, but in this instance it’s not only for beginners, as advanced surfers will love the trim capabilities and the built in glide. Just like the LayZboy, the Couch Potato loves to be fully surfed, meaning the surfer using ALL the board, not just the tail. It also loves finishing the wave with insane speed, flow and power the entire ride, even in dribbly conditions. In contrast, the Bottom Feeder has a more locked and loaded, high performance surf style and feel, with a more pivotal turn off the top. The Couch Potato has more built in grovel. The Bottom Feeder has more high performance grovel, but the surfer has to know how to get it there. See the difference?

Why you want a Couch Potato:
You want to dominate small wave conditions with a board that has built in speed and style.

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...Lost Description:
Designed in conjunction with the LayZboy, The Couch Potato in the extreme small wave version of the same general concept. It is wider, shorter, with a flatter rocker and a more parallel, yet continuously curving, outline than its big brother. Designed specifically a small wave surfboard, The Couch Potato (CP) is essentially a grovel version of the LayZboy, with a noticeably wider nose , with less entry rocker and a fuller forward foil, combined with a slightly wider tail. The outline and rocker combine for a board that is crazy fast , yet still controllable and maneuverable, in gutless surf. A waist high weapon that, like the LayZboy, can be surfed equally effective from both a centered stance or off the tail. Recommend to be ridden 2” shorter than the LayZBoy or the same size as Plank or Bottom Feeder.

Hydroflex 3D rooted vacuum bag tchnology infuses the fiberglass INTO the blank. This creates an ultra-strong bond between the two reducing the chances of delams that eventually lead to buckles. Made in the USA.

Natural construction starts with a hand shaped, PU blank with a stringer. This produces a familiar PU feel that's significantly lighter and stronger than standard PU/Poly Boards.

Lasts 2x longer than standard PU/Poly boards.

"They're really light for PU boards because the lamination process removes all unneeded resin. Kolohe Andino needed boards that were lighter and stronger, but still wanted the tried and true feeling of PU blanks, so we made him a few for his latest quiver." ...Lost Shaper Matt Biolos

Hydroflex boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have excellent flex characteristics. They are glassed with epoxy, so they give you a more natural and lively feel compared to a surfboard glassed with poly. Boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have Hydroflex "Set flex" and don't require air. Stringer P/U blanks and epoxy resin components keep the boards extremely light weight. We use the Hydroflex patented 3-dimensional bonding structure.

• Natural feeling through epoxy glassing
• Great performance
• Extremely light weight
• Great flex characteristics comparable to the "SuperCharger"
• Hydroflex 3D glassing for stronger Surfboards compared to standard P/U
• More affordable than a SuperCharger
• Completely customizable shapes and glassing


SKU HYD1310782
Brand Lost
Length 6'1"
Width 22.88"
Thickness 2.75"
Volume 44.11L
Construction Hydroflex Natural Apex
Tail Squash
Fin System Futures
Fin Setup Tri/Quad
Fins Included

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