Lib Tech Bowl Series 6'4"

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The Lib Tech Bowl is a small wave performance board with insane construction.

6'4" x 21.375"
Thumb Tail
Tri Fin Mo Box System(FCS 2 Tab Compatible)
Lib Tech
Vol: 32.8L

*Stock tri fin set included.

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Lib Tech


Lib Tech have pushed the limits of what’s possible with their line of environMENTAL waterboards. Hands down - the most exciting thing about these Waterboards is the construction. Lib Tech claim their boards are “dang hard to ding” and we have to agree – these things are amazingly tough.

What we like:
Despite the amazing amount of strength in these boards they still feel lightweight. This makes these sticks feel really similar under your feet to that classic PU/Poly construction. We also really like the concave in the deck – it allows your chest to lie more comfortably on the board and feels awesome under your front foot when riding too.

What we don’t like:
You have the option to slide the fins forwards and backwards in the fin boxes so that you can adjust the way the board surfs. This seems a little much and if you don’t have them equal it may affect the performance of the board. Moving the fins is easy to do though so you really shouldn’t have any trouble.

Why you want the Lib Tech Bowl:
The Bowl is short, has lower rocker and a straighter rail line with a speedy thumb tail and a high performance nose. This board is designed for aggressive modern surfing and acceleration in small to medium waves.

Using the Lib Tech Bowl for Kitesurfing:
The Bowl is a great option for kitesurfers looking for a board that will perform in a wide variety of conditions from average to all-time! The Bowl will definitely be a best seller in the kitesurfing market. We are always looking to the surfboard industry for boards that are light and flexible but really strong and can take a beating. Lib Tech Waterboards are the most exiting technology we’ve seen yet and REAL highly recommends Waterboards for strapless kitesurfing. Check out the full review of Lib Tech boards for kitesurfing.

Every board is hand made by surfers in the USA and includes 4 adjustable fins.

Each of the 31 pieces used to construct our surfboards are new materials to the surf industry. 30 years of experience crafting and riding high performance environmentally friendly composite surf, skate and snowboards went into designing our unique Waterboard process, materials and shapes. Each fused homogenous surf structure is handcrafted in the USA with a focus on performance and environmentally friendly manufacturing and materials. Only stainless steel fin screws remain the same. Waterboarding is now fun and healthy.

Our exclusive closed cell alloy formula will not absorb water, is springy like a trampoline, contains up to 50% recycled content, and uses ozone friendly blowing agents. All offcuts go back into the process of making new blanks. This is a new formula that didn't exist a year ago.

Instead of toxic industry-standard polyester or old-fashioned epoxy, we use a new chemistry that has higher elongation, extreme ding resistance, and responsive rebound.

Strong, light, lively, impact resistant, resists heel dents, additive free, volcanic organic pop. Damn Difficult 2Ding!

Leash plugs feature anodized 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum pins and a super light fiber-composite cup.

The metallic fibers on the rails are rubberized to give the boards a silky smooth ride even in choppy conditions, and are Dang Difficult 2 Ding (2D2D).

Micro Option adjustable positioning, chemically and physically integrated, FCS™ compatible.

Each board includes 4 adjustable fins featuring 2 M.I.L.F. Technology side fins, 1 Lib Standard Trailing fin, and a special bonus Spinfly Trailing fin.

Lib Tech Bowl Review by Toby Diggens:

Just jumped onto the Bowl for some sound side fun with a strong North wind blowing. First impressions were that the board is so light and feels solid for the abuse that kiters will be giving this board in the waves and when trying airs. There was a little 1-2 ft chop running which created excellent ramps to punt off and it was a perfect test track to get to grips with the boards feel and performance both upwind and in the air and most importantly to see how it help up to some hard flat landings.

From a shape perspective almost every kiter who rides a strapless board will really like the feel of the Bowl. It is flat, rockets upwind and grips like a man hanging from a skyscraper. The wide platform that you have under both feet will give the entry level riders a great base to learn their gybes and tacks and for the air game it means plenty of room to land and re-correct as you ride out.

Through the chop the board felt incredibly smooth and with the springy design “power pop core” it definitely made the ride smoother. I felt that with the deck concave your feet really locked in and that you could edge far harder into the wind than with a traditional domed surf deck.

Jury is still out on how this board will handle in decent waves but for anything up to shoulder high and weaker I can imagine that it will be fun. Onshore is where it’s at I feel and the ability to go upwind so well will really help.

When it came to airs, this board was off the hook, the weight was the biggest thing for me and I remarked to my buddy when I came in that all other kite surfboards are in the dark ages compared for anything that you want to do in the air. Gone are the days of heavy old logs and in with the new school I say. Forget popping 5 feet because with the Libtech Bowl you can pop 10ft with the same effort.

All I can say is that you have to try one… or in fact trust me and just go out and get one. Price wise they are great too.

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