REAL hand picks the best boards and shapes from some of the top brands in the world. We have in stock a huge selection of short boards, long boards, fun boards and everything in between.

Free Creatures padded bag and leash with all longboards: thru 4/20.

Just order your longboard online and we'll include the leash and bag for free when your board ships. Call for more information: 252-987-6000.

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Lost V3 Rocket Hydroflex 6'4" Lost V2 Stub 5'11" Cork Lost RV Hydroflex 6'2"
Lost RV Hydroflex 5'4" Lost RV Hydroflex 5'6" Lost RV Hydroflex 5'10"
Lost RV Hydroflex 5'11" Lost LayZBoy 6'0" Cork Lost LayZBoy 6'0" Cork
Lost LayZBoy 6'2" Cork Lost LayZBoy 6'4" Cork Lost Sub Scorcher 2 6'6" Cork
Lost V3 Rocket Hydroflex 5'10" Takayama In The Pink 8'10"
Takayama In The Pink 8'10"

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Lost V2 Shortboard 5'10" Cork
Lost V2 Shortboard 6'0" Cork Robert August Classic Retro 9'5"  

17 items