Kiteboarding Gear

Kiteboarding Gear

REAL has a huge range of kiteboarding and kitesurfing gear, equipment, packages and accessories.

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2010-2013 Slingshot Chicken Loop Harness Line-Small Slingshot Chicken Loop Harness Line-Medium Slingshot Chicken Loop Harness Line-Small
Core Line Extension-3m Set of 4 Core Pro Chckenstick-5" Core Standard Chckenstick-6.5"
Core Virtual 5th Line (#6) Core Depower Line (#8) Core Standard Chicken Loop-SM
Core Pro Chicken Loop-LG Naish Kite Leash
Naish Kite Leash

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Slingshot Twin Tip Fin 2IN
Liquid Force Max Flow Replacement Cap Slingshot Double Barrel
Slingshot Double Barrel

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BWS Noise Replacement Bladder
BWS Replacement Leading Edge 2013 Liquid Force CPR Swivel Retro Kit Naish Bridle Pulley
Liquid Force RSX Fin 1.5IN Slingshot Comp Stick Donkey Stick Slingshot Replacement Bearing
Liquid Force CPR Safety line BWS Replacement Bridle Parts (Black Lines) BWS Replacement Circuit Bridle Line (White Lines)
Liquid Force 2010 GTS Fin 2005 Best 5th Line Upgrade Kit Slingshot replacement stopper ball
Slingshot Center Safety System Line Set Slingshot Comp Stick Chicken Loop Rope Liquid Force Line Pigtail Set

30 items