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If you want the future of C kite shapes check out the "Future-C" GTS3.

Core GTS3 Includes:
• Core GTS3 Kite
• Kite Bag
• Repair Kit

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Core has made a radical C shaped kite that has a short bridle and is surprisingly easy to ride. Moving into the 3 strut platform, the GTS3 has dropped some weight but retained the solid flutter free canopy shape that Core is known for.

Tech Specs:
• Speed Valve 2
• Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14m

What we like:
The GTS3 is a rock solid C style kite with a short bridle that is really easy to ride for this style of kite. It has great overhead stability, great low end power and pop, slacks out well after tricks and can still boost well. We could not get the kite to back stall when you unhook either. The squared off wing tip gives you more power through the turns as the kite carves through the wind window. With all Core kites, you still have full steering capabilities even when you have the kite fully depowered. We can't figure out how they do it, and it really adds to the usable wind range of these kites. Surprisingly, the GTS3 relaunches with out issue and an advanced beginner will have no issue buying this as their first kite.

Insider Info:
The GTS3 has grunty power and you feel the kite compared to the Riot. This direct bar feel is a positive for most people that are looking for a wake style/freestyle kite so they know where the kite is in the wind window at all times. The other point to note is that while the GTS3 does not jump as high as Riot, but it does have that signature soft float down to the water.

Who is the GTS3 for:
The Core GTS3 is a bad ass kite that is looking for a bad ass rider to put it through it's paces. This kite does everything really well and everyone should at least take one for a spin to see what they are missing. Riders that love the following or aspire to do these things should drop everything they are doing and buy a quiver of GTS3: MEGA LOOPS, unhooked freestyle, powered wave riding, wake style, and hard core boosting freestyle.


Brand Core

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