Surfing Camps “We Make New Riders Everyday”

Surf Instruction from REAL Coaches is the fastest way to learn to surf or progress your skills. There is a proper way to learn to surf: with experienced coaches setting up sessions and guiding you through a well thought-out, organized curriculum.

Do not settle for the disappointment of following friends to the beach and trying to learn from them- you will likely be unsuccessful and face unnecessary frustration. REAL Surf Coaches will break down the individual skills required to surf, work with you to master each, and then help you put them together to start catching and riding waves. The REAL method makes surfing fun from day one!

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Zero to Hero Beginner Surf Camp

Takes you from an absolute beginner to a self-sufficient surfer! Our camp allows you to become fully immersed in surfing for three days with some of the best surfer-coaches in the world. We’ve proven that back-to-back instructional days are the fastest way to become a surfer. The REAL Zero to Hero Surf Camp provides complete beginners with the skills, knowledge and gear they need to become self-sufficient in the water.

Cost: $495
Time: 3 Days, 10am-1pm each day.
When: March through November. Tuesday-Thursday every week.

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Required Ability

No previous surfing skills necessary. Must be able to swim.

Goals of the Camp

The ultimate goal of our Zero to Hero Surf Camp is for you to become a well rounded surfer with a solid base of knowledge and ability. We’ve developed a well thought out plan for each camp that will train you to surf safely and self-sufficiently. Self-sufficiency means that upon completion of the camp, graduates will always be able to take skills learned during instruction and continue to practice on their own. Students can then confidently acquire valuable time on the water once their camp is complete.

Zero to Hero divides surfing into separate goals that we will focus on during each of your camp sessions. These include: ocean and swell knowledge, paddling and balance, catching waves, surfing waves, and surfing gear overview including surfboards, wetsuits, leashes and more. Surfing is not only the ability to catch waves, but also the ability to surf safely and conduct yourself properly on land and in the water. This camp addresses all these topics and sends you home with the skills you need to keep progressing.

You guys have made a really professional system of learning here that sets you apart from many other schools I’ve tried. Outlining not just the "how" to do a skill but the "why" was really useful for me. Although I’m not exactly “ripping it up”, I now know that I can go home and practice on my own safely. Can’t wait to get back for the next camp!

Thomas Chenowithe, Toronto, ON, Canada

Student to Coach Ratio

The student to coach ratio for all REAL Surf Camps is 4 students to 1 coach. This allows for maximum guidance on the water by a qualified and knowledgeable coach.

What to Expect

The Zero to Hero Surf Camp runs from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday every week from March through November at our Cape Hatteras location. Weekend Zero to Hero Surf Camps can be scheduled through our REAL Custom Camp program. Students are expected to check in at the REAL Lesson Center at 9:30 am sharp every morning.

Your REAL Zero To Hero Surf Camp runs three hours a day for three days and is taught by some of the best surfer-coaches in the world.

Included in the price of the camp is access to REAL’s exclusive North American Surftech Tuflite Travel Center. We have over 150 new Surftech surfboards and standup paddleboards available for all students in REAL Surf Camp. You will always have the best equipment for each day’s conditions and this will help you to learn even more quickly.

*After Hours Rental Surfboards : REAL Zero to Hero Surf Camp runs every day from 10am - 1pm. Surfboards are free to use during the camp and are available to use for a small rental fee after the camp.

Wetsuits are needed for the fringe months of the season, so if you have one, bring it with you. Rash guards are recommended for UV protection. REAL stocks a full selection of wetsuits and wetsuit accessories from O’Neill, Patagonia, Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver and Xcel.

Everyone was extremely knowledgeable about the instruction and the equipment and was more than willing to take the time to answer a lot of questions. I will definitely be back next year and will be bringing some friends with me.

Jeff Bittenbinder Orlando, FL

REAL Prescription

Full immersion with REAL Surf Coaches means that you’ll leave with skills, knowledge, gear, and a plan that will allow you to quickly progress to the next level.

REAL has the largest selection of surfboards, wetsuits and accessories in North America. We can get you outfitted to go home with the proper equipment to continue your progression in surfing.

The secret to success with this camp is full immersion with the best coaches, equipment, facilities and conditions in the sport of surfing. If you are serious about learning to surf, this is the fastest, most fun, most efficient way to become a REAL surfer!

Ready to book? Need more information? Send us a message or call toll-free at 866-REAL-548 or 252-987-6000.

Enjoy your sessions and be surprised at how easily you can learn to surf when following the REAL curriculum and working with a professional REAL Surf Coach. Our REAL Surf Camp program is three days of total immersion into the sport.

REAL Lesson Center

The REAL Lesson Center is located directly on the water for kiteboarding, surfing and standup paddleboarding lessons and camps with 35 full time coaches, 12 PWCs and a private 4 acre Bermuda grass launch right on the Pamlico Sound. The new REAL Lesson Center features a 2,500 sq ft of dedicated school facility plus direct access onto the 4,000 sq ft deck, 3 private, separated classrooms, overhead video projectors, plus 5 outdoor showers, bathroom facilities, lockers, and more. As always, 250 brand new kites and 150 brand new kiteboards round out the school gear making REAL the best kiteboarding facility in the world.

Learn to Surf

The REAL Zero 2 Hero Surf Camp makes learning to surf easy and each topic fun to learn. Most self-taught beginners become frustrated when learning to surf because they don’t follow the right steps, in the right order. This experience can be the same when trying to learn from a friend. The REAL Surf Camp syllabus has been created from scratch to build each block of knowledge, ability and confidence from the ground up. You are having fun on day #1 and building on that knowledge and ability every day moving forward. Our REAL Surf Camp program is three days of total immersion into the sport.

Exclusive Terrain

All REAL Surf Lessons and Camps are held in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, the #1 surfing destination on the East Coast of the US. REAL holds an exclusive permit with the National Park Service that allows us access to premium locations along the undeveloped seashore to insure minimal crowds and quality conditions. Learn more about Cape Hatteras

35 Full-Time Coaches

Our coaches are the reason so many people speak highly of REAL. When you arrive for your surfing lessons, you will find the friendliest, most professional people you will ever work with in an instructional environment.

Custom Designed Programs

The REAL Lesson and Camp programs have been custom designed to maximize learning, fun and safety. Our top level professional staff, the use of the best gear, and our discerning selection of the best locations, have lead to a comprehensive instructional program that is unmatched by any other training facility in the world.

…Since the Beginning

REAL is known around the world as the leader in high-end watersports instruction. Our professional staff, custom programs, state of the art teaching facility, and instructional DVDs, make REAL the ultimate source for learning the best sports on the water.

Why Cape Hatteras?

Cape Hatteras is known as the most consistent surf destination on the East Coast of the United States. This large barrier island sticks far out into the Atlantic Ocean near the continental shelf, providing reliable surf from deep-ocean power and receiving swell from multiple directions.

The soft, sandy bottom and varying coastline allow REAL Coaches to put you in the best possible conditions for your surf session, regardless of the wind or swell direction. Learn to surf at one of the most consistent and unique surf destinations - Cape Hatteras!

REAL is the exclusive Surftech Tuflite Travel Center for North America. With over 150 Surftech Surfboards and Standup Paddleboards at your fingertips, you always have the best equipment when you hit the water!

REAL Watersports

REAL is located in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, internationally recognized as the best place to kiteboard in the world.

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