BWS Undertow Control Bar V3

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The latest version of the BWS Undertow Bar adds PU tubing around the center lines and a couple of other improvements to make this bar a solid choice. This bar is designed to fly the Noise Pro and will also work with any 4 line kite.

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Undertow Bar Tech Specs:
• 17 inch bar - recommended size for 6m & 8m.
• 20 inch bar - recommended size for 10m & 12m.
• 23m lines
• Includes leash

What we like:
The BWS Undertow bar is focused on keeping everything as simple as possible. The above the bar depower is reliable and easy to adjust while the swivel that sits just below the bar works every time. It's a manual swivel so you have to wind it yourself after kiteloops or rolls. That's ok though because it's designed that way so it's really easy to do!

We like the big soft bar ends on the undertow bar because they won't ding your board! For this year BWS have also added PU tubing around the center lines so that they don't wear down. This is excellent news because it will do wonders for prolonging the life of your gear!

Insider Info:
By adding the PU tubing they have removed the ability to adjust the amount of bar throw. There's still plenty there and you won't have a problem with it but there has been a trade of and there is definitely less throw than in earlier versions of this bar.

Why you want the Undertow Bar:
Because it's simple, safe, reliable and built to last.
Ben Wilson Surf Description:
The engineering of the 'Undertow' bar is focused on simplicity and function. Our new above the bar de-power option allows for easier on the move trimming.

Dano See is leading the innovation by only designing what is absolutely necessary on our control bars, but of course without compromising safety. The 'Undertow' bar is extremely functional, light weight and user friendly, making it perfectly suited to every rider from beginners to professionals.

Included with the bar: 23m kite lines, BWS kite safety leash and donk stick.


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