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The Ben Wilson Surf Undertow V2 bar is a really complete bar offering all the safety features you would expect in a clean and comfortable package. For the V2 bar, BWS have added above the bar depower to improve an already amazing bar. Check out the pictures, videos and reviews below for more information.

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Ben Wilson Surf


The Ben Wilson Surf Undertow V2 bar is a really complete bar offering all the safety features you would expect in a clean and comfortable package. Similar to the Undertow V1 bar, the V2 adds above-the-bar depower to an already great design. A perfect match for the BWS Noise V2, it will also work really well with any other 4 line bar.

Quick Release: The safety release is a push away system with quick pin. The release is quick and easy to reset on the water. The safety system has been tested to withstand a load of 400kg!

Depower: The depower system for the V2 bar is above the bar. This depower system features a simple cleat above the bar and is really easy to use. The BWS bar has plenty of throw and a decent stopper ball.

Swivel: The undertow bar features a swivel below the bar and just above the chicken loop. The swivel is not designed to spin freely to untangle your front lines. Instead, it is in a position the makes it really easy to untwist your front lines with one hand while riding.

Safety System: BWS call this the “Off Switch”. There is a leash attachment point below the bar that will flag the kite out on one line. This offers riders the ability to depower the kite 100%.

Bar Specs: Bar sizes: 17 inch (for sizes 5m,6m,8m) and 20 inch (for sizes 10m,12m). All bars come with 23m lines.

We Really Like: how easy it is to unwind your front lines while riding with the BWS swivel. The addition of above the bar depower makes power adjustment effortless.

Review by Pete:

The BWS Undertow V2 control bar is one of the most complete, versatile bars on the market.

Pros: The manual swivel works amazingly well and the bar is really comfortable. I also really like the rigid chicken loop and metal suicide attachment point under the chicken loop. The rubber outside ends of the bar make it less likely to ding your surfboard if you wipeout and bump the bar into your board.

Cons: Some users reported that when unhooking from the bar, the chicken loop can swivel making it a little harder to hook back in.

Realpro tip: For those of you who enjoy modifying your bar you can adjust the size of the chicken loop by removing the screws and cutting away unwanted length. On the V2 bar, the stopper ball is fixed to the center lines with a set screw. You can remove the screw with a regular surfboard fin screw to allow the stopper ball to slide freely. This allows you to choose between having a sliding and a fixed stopper ball!

Customer Reviews

  1. Super simple works best!

    by Tube (Toby Diggens) on August 25, 2012

    Taking the same overall design and aesthetics from 2011, the Undertow V2 is as simple as it gets and this makes it a truly great bar. Whether you are looking for beginner ease or have spent many a salty hour chasing waves this bar will not let you down or surprise you.

    The biggest change this year is that the depower system is above the bar. This brings two advantages:

    1) The chicken loop is less cluttered and the de-power rope no longer dangles or gets caught in your spreader bar hook when unhooking and vice versa.

    2) The leverage that you have to depower the kite is better positioned and therefore makes it easier to trim on the fly.

    The grips are comfortable and the colours make sure you will not get confused after being yarded by a wave. As last year the swivel is a great feature and can be manually twisted on the fly with little difficulty.

    Not only does this bar tick every box for wave riders whether rookie or expert but it is a great bar for the beginner. The bar is simple efficient and the safety release is quick and positive. Go and drop into a bomb with the Undertow V2 in your mitts!!

    Tubes Tuning Tip: Don't grab the release to unspin the bar, grab the swivel. The release needs very little load to pop and it can surprise you in the wrong situations.
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