Above the Roar Book

Short but lively interviews from surfers of all ages and stations; surfing is connected to a broad range of topics, including money, drugs, religion, friendship, style, travel, parenting, competition, environmentalism, music, war, celebrity, sex, danger and death; lavishly illustrated with photographs and original art.

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Matt Warshaw


Author's Note:
I convinced ace longboarder/glad-hander Robert "Wingnut" Weaver, along with his delightful wife Janice, to form a publishing company called Waterhouse, based out of their home in Santa Cruz. I'd produce the books, Robert and Janice would sell them. Above the Roar was our first project. Art director Jamie Muehlhausen did a fantastic job designing Roar, and was a joy to work with, as was the endlessly capable Denise Bashem, our production director, who guided the whole project start to finish. Of my four books, this was by far the most fun to make. Except for the foreword. Kelly Slater just screwed us on the foreword; said he'd write it, actually turned in some rough notes and thoughts, then stalled for about a month, then just vanished altogether one week before deadline. Tom Curren was second choice; he agreed then flaked out a few days later. Shaun Tomson filled in at the last minute, and produced an absolute gem of a foreword—I should have gone to him right off the bat. Above the Roar is, I think, a perfect little coffee table book; nice to look at, and a quick, easy, entertaining read. But it was too expensive at $40, and the marketing/distribution end was a lot harder than Robert, Janice and I thought. We printed 5,000, sold about 4,000, didn't lose money but didn't make much, and decided to shut Waterhouse down.

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