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The Liquid Force Solo is unlike any kite that they have made to date. It is super light, has a massive wind range and is really easy to ride.

2015 Liquid Force Solo Includes:
• 2015 Liquid Force Solo Kite
• Large stuff sack

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This kite started its development as a strutless kite (chasing the lightweight travel market) and then morphed into so much more with the addition of the single strut. It's immediately apparent that this kite has a very light weight feel, massive power and depower, sick hang time, and great light wind relaunch.

Tech Specs:
• Sizes 4.5m, 6.5m, 9m, 12m, 15.5m
• One strut design
• Max Flow and 9mil Inflation Valves

What we like:
The Solo has a totally unique feel, unlike any other kite that we have tested this year. Firstly it has a light weight feeling in the sky and flys really far forward in the wind window, so you can jam upwind. When you sheet the kite out, the lack of struts makes the kite flutter a lot. This flutter causes drag and makes the kite set back in the window where is is more stable while it is still depowering. This is totally different to any kite out there. The net result is that you cannot get this kite to overfly and crash, which is amazing.

The other really awesome thing about the Solo is the amount of low end power that this kite has. During testing we were regularly 1 to 2 kite sizes smaller than anyone else on the water. The amount of depower is nutty as well. Sheet the kite out and you have a massive amount of range. Being able to depower this much allows you to send the kite, sheet in and get massive air time.

During wave testing we found the Solo to drift down the line in on shore conditions really well. Oh yeah, the water relaunch is insanely easy in any wind condition too.

What we don't like:
The bag is so simple that it feels cheap, although most people would probably rather save $100 than have a fancy bag! The amount of flutter in the kite when you loop it or depower it will turn some people off. It is just noisy up there flapping when you depower. That is not such a bad thing because the benefits speak for themselves! Sometimes inefficiency can be a good thing and the flappy Solo makes it drift well and ultra stable.

Who is the Solo for:
This is a hard one because this kite was made to be a lightweight travel kite, but it transformed into so much more. The people that will love this kite are as follows: kids and women, free riders, beginners, onshore wave riders and foilboarders. The lightweights and beginners will love this kite because it is ultra stable, water relaunches on its own, carries you upwind and has a huge range. The free riders will love it because it boosts huge and is really easy to ride. The wave guys will love the down the line drift and the foil boarders will lust it because this kite stays in the sky when there is almost no wind.
Liquid Force Description:
The SOLO came from a dream. This dream turned into a vision of designing a perfectly balanced ultra light, simple high performance kite while at the same time keeping stability, easy re-launch, and durability that all the Liquid Force kites have been know for over the years.

The design team started by working intensively on numerous Strut-less kite designs which took several months of testing and countless prototypes. These kites proved to be extremely lightweight with a great amount of raw power and possessed a very direct feel. Although these results proved to be successful there appeared multiple compromises in the performance that over shadowed the benefits of the Strut-less kite design that we were simply not willing to accept.

The SOLO evolved through multiple iterations from half struts to battens that eventually led to a very thin, low profile center strut. Our dream that became a vision is now a reality called the SOLO, An ultra light weight, single strut design that offers unparallel efficiency, stability and wind range of any kite on the market today with the added benefit of pack ability for travel. We are excited to introduce the SOLO, an all terrain kite that can be summed up in 3 words: simple, powerful, fun.


Brand Liquid Force

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