2015 Liquid Force CPR Control Bar

Liquid Force

The CPR bar is a clean and simple kiteboarding bar with fantastic safety features.

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*The Liquid Force CPR Bar is unchanged for 2015.

The CPR bar is a simple and reliable control bar that will work with any 4 line kite.

Liquid Force CPR Control Bar Tech Specs:
• 45cm, 50cm or 55cm.
• 23m lines
• Single flagging safety line
• Below the bar depower
• Includes leash

What we like:
The CPR bar is extremely simple. That might sound like a bad thing but its actually a great thing. It's still loaded with the safety features you need but all of the excess has been trimmed out. The CPR system works very well and is really easy to engage in the water.

We're also big fans of the grip on the bar and the big soft bar ends - they make the bar extremely comfortable and enjoyable to ride with.

Insider Info:
There is a huge bar throw on this bar. That's a good thing because there are riders out there that like all of that throw and if you want a shorter throw you can use the sliding stopper ball to set it at a level you are comfortable with. The only downside is that if you forget to set it before your session, it's likely to be out of reach for you while you are riding!

The below the bar depower requires a little bit of strength in certain conditions to pull on or off. You won't ever find yourself unable to adjust it but it may require some effort at times.

Why you want the Liquid Force CPR bar:
Because it's extremely easy to use and also extremely reliable. The CPR bar has been a long time favorite at REAL and will work with any 4 line kite.
Liquid Force Description:
Safety, simplicity, and reliability. That’s what you can expect from the CPR Control System, which is designed for all Liquid Force kites.

Featuring an exclusive non-mechanical push-away safety release, the LF control bar is the most trustworthy setup on the market. With a smooth, push-away action below the bar, all of our kites will depower 90 percent when leashed to the trim strap, and a full 100 percent when connected to the safety depower ring. Incorporating an easy-to-reach, below-the-bar trim system, the CPR Control System minimizes clutter and offers ergonomic power adjustment and lock-off.

Other key features include a self-indexing chicken loop, removable spreader bar pin, ergonomic EVA grips, auto-spin flying line swivel, kook-proof attachments, and strong and stretch-resistant German-engineered 20-meter lines with 3-meter extensions. Available in 4- and 5-line options.


Brand Liquid Force
*The Liquid Force CPR Bar is unchanged for 2015.

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