2014 Slingshot Turbine

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A Turbine 17m should be part of every riders quiver.

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The Turbine allows you to go beyond mowing the lawn with an amazing combination of power and performance for light wind conditions.

- 2014 Turbine size 17m
- 2014 Slingshot 23” Comp Stick Control Bar (w/ 27m lines)
- Slingshot Kite Leash
- Kite Backpack

What we like:
The 2014 Turbine has loads of grunt and power, which is the most important thing for light wind riding. Then, to add to the mix, it water relaunches extremely well in almost any wind conditions even for a beginner. To top it off, it also races upwind! That's pretty much the perfect combo for a light wind kite and it's no wonder the Turbine is such a popular kite in the REAL lesson center and with light wind kiteboarders all over the world.

For 2014, the Turbine was completely redesigned and it has 2 new small struts on each wingtip and a new short bridle. These changes have made the kite even more stable in light air with more grunt and performance.

What we don't like:
The only negative feedback we have heard from anyone about the Turbine is that it's relatively easy to become overpowered if you try to fly the turbine into the high teen. That's probably because everyone likes riding this kite so much that they don't want to switch down to a smaller kite when it starts to get really windy! The Turbine is also expectedly slow. It is faster than some big kites but it is a 17m and turns like a big kite. This does NOT translate into heavy bar pressure, so it is easy for all strengths and weights to ride.

Why you want the 2014 Slingshot Turbine:
The Turbine is the most popular kite of all time in the REAL Lesson Center. No other kite has done as much to change the way we look at the sport than the Turbine. So when the wind is 10 - 14mph, we all now look at the water and say "awesome - perfect conditions for the Turbine"!

Customer Reviews

  1. Great ride!

    by Jeff on June 1, 2014

    Bought the 17m Turbine kite and the 150 Glide kiteboard from Real Watersports. Today was my first time out. Performed exactly as advertised! There were 6 kites pumped on the beach. But I was the only one out riding. While the other kiters were sitting on the beach pissing and moaning about the light winds, I was out there ripping it up! After two hours, they were still sulking. The icing on the cake was when I came back into the beach, a flock of bikinis came over and chatted me up and squeaked…”oh, you’re such a good kite surfer”. Thanks for great ride and thanks to Slingshot for making me look good!
  2. great light wind kite for anyone from a beginner to a seasoned pro

    by Ashlon on March 12, 2014

    The Slingshot Turbine is the Mack truck of kites. The Turbine has a very steady pull and sits deep in wind window offering enormous amounts of power at your fingertips. The Turbine has a large wind range and has a good amount of grunt; the kite loves to be parked and allows you to focus more on your riding than working a beast of a kite to get going in light winds.

    The Turbine has remarkably fast steering for a kite of its size, and offers tuning options to change the speed and bar pressure depending on your personal riding style. Even in light winds the Turbine is a breeze to re launch. The kite wants to be in the air! When crashed the kite has a knack to works itself to the edge of the window to wait for your input to get in the sky.
    The kite has a steady pull through the window, and while crossing the power zone always offers enough grunt to get you going but does not feel like it will rip you off your board and into the sky with the twitch of a finger.
    Tuning tip: In super light conditions or in the hands of an experienced rider we found it helps to shorten your steering lines by attaching them to the highest knot. This makes the kite more reactive to your input but also makes it easier to choke the kite, it is important to let the kite breathe if you decide to try this out.
    All in all we are very happy with the 2014 Turbine here at REAL. It is a great light wind kite for anyone from a beginner to a seasoned pro. The Turbine fits well in any quiver! It will get you out on the water more, and rethinking what is possible in light winds. The days of mowing the lawn are over, the day of the Turbine has come.
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