2014 Slingshot Glide Kiteboard


Lightwind performance.

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The Glide focuses on efficient power through a lean and mean profile.

• Glide 150 x 41.22cm (New Size for 2014)
• Glide 160 x 40.64cm
• Includes 2" fins, handle & Bolt-On 5.0 bindings.

What we like:
The most impressive thing about the Glide is that it packs in the same light wind performance of other boards that are much wider and bigger. This means you really can look at light wind conditions and dream of doing rolls, jumps and tricks instead of just mowing the lawn. This is the best lightwind board in the chop because of the added rocker and narrower waist. We especially loved riding the new 150 which is a blast! The 150 will be a killer first board that you won’t grow out of because it works so well in the light stuff.
We really like the design, shape and quality of the Glide. These boards are made in America and you can tell by the quality and attention to detail in the craftsmanship.

Insider Info:
If your local spot never gets above 12mph and the average kite session is all about trying to work the kite and stay upwind then you should probably look for the biggest and widest board you can find. The Glide has fantastic light wind performance but the bigger and flatter lightwind boards out there will trump the Glide on the low end.

Why you want the 2014 Slingshot Glide:
Because it's a fun light wind board. Kiteboarding shouldn't be about jumps you can't do and fun you can't have. The Glide allows you to go out in light winds and handle the chop like a champ!
Slingshot Description:
While other companies focus on building width into their boards as the solution for light wind riding, the Glide’s counter intuitive concept focuses on efficient power through a lean and mean profile.

The Glide’s narrow width and longer effective water line ensures adequate surface area that will get you going in the lightest of winds. The narrow outline provides the rider more control over the edge This precision control allows the rider to better manage the power of their kite, creating more apparent wind and results in more speed on the water.

The Glide gets going first, hauls up wind, and is the highest performance board available in the lightwind category.When the wind drops, keep your kite in the air and simply pick up a Glide.It’s so versatile and fun to ride you’ll be grinning and ripping as others are packing up to head home. A true session saver. The new 150 for 2014 is the little brother size. This board is ideal for lighter riders or riders wanting similar Glide performance with less swing weight in the tips.


Brand Slingshot

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