2014 Slingshot Comp Stick

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The Slingshot Comp Stick is the highest quality bar on the market with all of the safety features you need.

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If you're familiar with Slingshot's Comp Stick bar, you will be pleased to know that for 2014 Slingshot has kept all of the good and upgraded the look and feel of the bar to make the Comp Stick a really solid kite bar.

Slingshot Comp Stick Tech Specs:
- 17 inch bar (with 20m lines)
- 20 inch bar (with 23m lines)
- 23 inch bar (with 27m lines)
- Includes leash
- 800lb center lines / 600lb outside lines

What we like:
Slingshot has made their already excellent system even better by adding in soft and strong rubber around the chicken loop area. The result is that it makes the whole bar much more comfortable to use. We’re stoked on the new Comp Stick bar – one of the best bars out there just got that much better.

What we don't like:
The below the bar depower is easy to adjust and works well but if you're a fan of above the bar depower, there is no option to convert the Comp Stick over. Also, with all of the excellent safety features on the Comp Stick, we're not sure why Slingshot are still marketing their "Oh Sh*t" loops on the steering lines. Our coaches have found that they are actually an excellent tool to help beginners with relaunch but they certainly aren't being used any more in "Oh Sh*t" moments!

Why you want the 2014 Slingshot Comp Stick Control Bar:
We always say that a decent safety system is worth its weight in gold and the Slingshot system has proven itself over the years. No accidental releases and bomb-proof dependability make the Comp Stick a reliable choice.

Meet The All New Slingshot 2014 Comp Bar from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

REAL Pro Review Slingshot Comp Stick Bar 2014 by Toby Diggens

Definitely an improvement to a bar that has been a staple for Slingshot now for several years.

The main difference is that the chicken loop release mechanism has been slimmed out to make the whole below the bar section seem cleaner and simpler to work with. The bar as a consequence for 2014 looks very good and will attract a great deal of riders who do not want cluttered “busy” bars.

The release design has been changed up a little and made smaller but they still use micro bungees to give you the tension that you need to reset after a release. This I think is not the best policy as if you are planning on keeping your gear for 2-5 years then this bungee will wear out (especially if subjected to the sun a lot). This is worth keeping in mind once you buy the bar and you can extend the life by looking after this section with freshwater. These are very easy to replace however and this can be done multiple times.

Above the bar things have not changed much and the swivel feels even more smooth and will be the one of the longest lasting on the market. The raised center-line hole for splitting your fingers around the centre line has stayed and this is a nice touch.

REAL Pro Tip – Great bar. Keep swivels and releases sand free and salt free by giving the bar a good freshwater rinse after every session. Dry silicon lubricant can also help if you can get some, as this keeps the sand from sticking to any metal moving parts.

Customer Reviews

  1. Currently My Favorite Bar

    by Justin H. on August 12, 2013

    When I picked up the 2014 Compstick the first thing I noticed was how sturdy it felt in my hands. Slingshot kept the same grip design but used a softer grip which is not as harsh on your hands. The most noticeable upgrade to the bar is the slimmer release system which has all of its pieces inside (no more elastic band wrapping around the bottom of the release system. They have kept the below the bar depower which has been altered so you can adjust it while riding. Their bar also has the longest throw on the market which means the kite depowers really well when you let go of the bar. Finally they have kept the swivel that has proven to work year after year. This is currently my favorite bar.
    My summary:
    • Feels sturdy in hand
    • Grip is softer than last year
    • Easy to depower when riding
    • Less bulky safety release
    • Lines same strength as last year
    • Swivel that works
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