2014 Naish Fly


The Naish Fly is designed for freeriding and freestyle in light to marginal wind conditions.

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The Naish Fly takes the lightweight 2 strut design from the Ride and sprinkles in the wingtips of the Naish Park for some added speed! The result is a lightwind kite that won't hold back your progression.

Naish Fly Tech Specs:
• Light Wind Freeride
• Size: 15m
• Two-strut design
• 6m extension lines included with kite for added wind range
• Naish Octopus Single Point Inflation system.

What we like:
This kite is amazingly stable both hooked and unhooked. The Fly seems to combine the magical combo of having plenty of low end grunt & moving quickly through the wind window. The Fly has decent light wind performance even without the 6m extensions so when you add that extra line length - you're definitely in business. Right after testing the Naish Fly - we checked the wind and it was reading 8 - 12mph!

Insider Info:
The Fly doesn't go upwind quite as well as the Naish Draft so we're not sure it will work well as a race kite. If that's your jam then you should go for the Draft. If you're looking to progress with your freestyle and freeride skills, the Fly will still keep you coming back to the same spot even after a few tricks so don't worry - you won't be doing the walk of shame!

Why you want the 2014 Naish Fly:
Because mowing the lawn doesn't quite cut it anymore and you want to be able to continue working on your moves even when the wind is light.
Naish Description:
The Fly is an exceptionally lightweight, freeride kite designed specifically to provide a smooth yet powerful ride in light to marginal wind conditions.

It has amazing low-end power due to its proven two-strut, easy-handling design, which also provides superior turning and control, allowing riders to practice their maneuvers no matter how light the wind is.

The Fly’s new reduced leading edge taper adds rigidity to the wing tip, moving the axis of rotation closer to the center of the kite, resulting in sharper turning and a more precise bar feel.

In addition, the Fly utilizes a swept back wingtip and anti-stiction window, improving water relaunch.


Brand Naish

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