2014 Naish Draft Kite

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The 2014 Draft from Naish Kiteboarding is a really powerful big air and high speed machine. Make sure you check out the amazing 14 second hangtime clip in the "video" tab below!

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2014 Naish Draft Complete Review.
The first thing we noticed about the draft is that it looks huge! Because the kite has a narrow design (short struts) it makes up the square metres in length. So right from the start we got the feeling that this kite is made for creating lift, drive and speed. This makes the draft stand out as an excellent choice for riders looking for racing performance, amazing hangtime and grunt for the lightwind sessions.

• Sizes: 7,9,12,14,17
• Five struts on the 7, 9, 12 for windward performance in higher winds
• Three struts on the 14 and 17 for light wind performance.
• Colors available: Black, Blue, Orange.
• Designed to work best with Naish Universal control bar.

What we like:
The draft has so much power in the last 6 – 10 inches as you sheet in up to the chicken loop. This means you can crank the bar in for extra speed or extra height when you want to and the extra power you get feels like no other kite we've tested. Nevertheless, it also felt very comfortable riding along with the bar sheeted out half way and you still have plenty of power and tension in the back lines.
When you do sheet the bar all the way in, there is definitely some solid bar pressure to let you know that you are really juicing the power out of this kite. Considering it’s aim of use (racing, boosting, speed) we would say that extra bar pressure is a good thing – it helps let you know where the kite is and adds some Va-Va-Voom to your session.

What we don't like:
The long shape of the Naish Draft and position of the steering line bridle (in the middle of the wingtip – see picture) makes this kite a little tricky to relaunch if you crash it straight down wind. Those of you experienced with the roll-it-on-its-back method of relaunch won’t have any trouble but it does take a little more than just pulling on one of the steering lines.

Why you want the Naish Draft:
Because you want to go faster, higher and harder than you have ever been before. Or because you want to be out riding in the lightest conditions (the larger sizes will be great light wind weapons). These kites generate a lot of their own power so even when you don’t feel powered standing on the land or when you first dive the kite – once you get going you have all the power you need.

Further reading: 2014 Naish Kiteboarding Kites overview

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Naish Draft Review by Pete Hardie:

I really liked the power on offer with this kite and found that even if you feel underpowered, once you get the kite moving through the wind window it creates masses of power and get's you soaring upwind.

The bar pressure on the Draft feels alot like riding a C-kite. If you aren't sure what that feels like - there is some solid pressure in the last 6 - 10 inches of bar throw as you sheet in. The trade off is that the kite feels really direct and easy to feel where it is in the wind window. I was able to cruise along without looking at the kite which is great for racing and cruising.

The draft is not a speedy kite through the wind window and won't turn as fast as a freestyle or wave kite. This isn't a problem as long as you know what to expect and the upside is the raw power on offer for boosting and going fast!

This kite will be a mainstay in the REAL slick for big boost off sessions and I will for sure be recommending the Draft for REAL's Kites of Thunder race series in Cape Hatteras!

REAL Pro Tip: Familiarize yourself with rolling a kite on to its back to relaunch it. You can do this on the beach (if it's just sand) in lighter winds to practice. Once you are in the water - you will find this method really helps get the kite off the water quickly..

Naish Draft Overview: Naish Draft In Depth: Naish Draft 14 Second Jump Raw Footage:

Customer Reviews

  1. Great All-Round (Light Wind) Kite

    by San Diego Kiter on November 17, 2013

    I have had a Naish Cult for about 3 years now and decided after recently blew out the Cult's leading edge that it was about time to get spring for a new setup. Naish has always had me as a customer because of their outstanding build quality (largely demonstrated by my Cults great reliability over 3 years of nothing but abuse) so I looked nowhere else.

    Getting to the Draft... I needed a kite that would allow me to get out in the majority of the San Diego conditions (i.e. Light Winds) and still be FUN. And this kite has delivered. Even in marginal conditions (even by SoCal standards) this kite can still be plenty fun for both boasting and wave riding. I don't think I need to go into much detail about the boasting ability of this kite as I think the other reviewers have taken care of that for me. The one thing I would add though is that the hang time on this kite is quite awesome and is the most enjoyable aspect of this kite. But in addition the well described boasting, the stability of the kite has quite surprised me. While it's safe to say it's not a premier wave kite, I still regularly take it out into the break to catch some waves and have a lot of fun! Really no issues at all which I did not expect. Last thing I want to point out is the upwind ability of this kite in any condition is fantastic. When in marginal wind conditions (which is a lot here), being able to stay upwind is key to a good time (or getting out at all for any length of time), and this kite does it better than any other I've flown.

    Now some drawbacks... As you could guess from looking at it, if you crash this kite, it's definitely not a backline pull away from being instantly back out of the water. That said, it's certainly not impossible to re-launch. If you're at all familiar with the roll-it-on-to-it's-back relaunch technique you will have no problem relaunching this kite. It's very effective (and easy) for this kite even if you're in light winds. But it takes a little more effort and time than most beginner kites. For me, it's only a problem when I'm trying to beat a set of breakers. Secondly, this is a 'heavier' bar pressure kite... Which personally I love! But I know a lot of people need the feather light bar pressures of some other kites, so if you're one those people, beware. Lastly, since this is a high-aspect kite, the 'grunt' of the kite can be less of other similarly sized kites. Being a 150 lbs, this is not problem for me, but it may be for others who need every pound of force they can get in the dive or are completely unwilling to dive the kite more than once to get up to speed.

    To sum it up, it is certainly not a 'beginner' kite. However for those intermediate riders looks to advance, or advanced kiters looking to push the limits, you can't go wrong! (As long as you understand the minor drawbacks of the kite)

    Overall, I think this is an excellent kite!
  2. Time to BOOST!

    by Toby Diggens on March 22, 2013

    When Naish dropped the Raven all those years back it was a sad day. Not only because it marked the end of thin High Aspect C-Kite dominance, but I think the hangtime we once knew was lost.

    The Naish Draft however is hark back to those days when sore shoulders and huge smiles were the main stay of a great session. The Draft jumps big, it pulls hard and it literally goes straight upwind. I went back to back with a Best Kahoona in an upwind race and the Draft just smoked the other kite.

    Jumping is what this kite is marketed to do and it does not let you down. Rip the kite back across the wind and pull the bar in and you are looking at hangtime that rivals/beats any other kite I have flown this year.

    The best way to feel this raw energy is get under one of these and try it. It will no doubt be a hit in the boosting and racing community. Go on scare yourself, its goes HUGE!!!
  3. Ultimate Hangtime

    by Stellato, REAL Lesson Center on February 11, 2013

    The kite definitely performs the way Naish describes. It's a very powerful kite with lots of boost and hangtime. I also felt like this kite sits closer to the edge of the wind window and really wants to drive upwind and there is lots of power through the turn when transitioning.
    Definitely a better choice for bigger, more experienced riders because of the amount of power of offer. It feels like you can do all the same hooked in tricks you love but 10 feet higher.
    Be careful where you jump - felt like I had to watch out because the kite covers a lot more ground than you expect while in the air.
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