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The 2014 Liquid Force Envy has had a complete make over to give the newest version of the Envy a crisp responsive feel in a user friendly package. The 2014 Envy is also available in a special Team Edition Package.

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Liquid Force


For 2014, a lot has changed at Liquid Force. The design team took everything that they liked about the Envy, added a whole host of design tweaks, and relentlessly tested all sizes of the 2014 Envy before releasing it for production.

Liquid Force Envy Tech Specs:
- Sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m, 13.5m, 15m
- New One Pump Inflation with MaxFlow Valve
- Compact Bridle w/ direct connect trailing edge bridle
- Split strut
- Includes Max Flow pump, 2014 Liquid Force CPR Control Bar and back pack for complete kite

What we like:
Liquid Force enlisted the help of a team of material experts to test the breaking strength of all the canopy materials available. They found some pretty surprising results and ended up on a canopy material that is built to last a very long time.

The new Envy retains the stability and easy-of-use characteristics that define this kite. The new changes: (canopy material, split strut, compact bridle and a direct connection on the trailing edge) make the Envy feel lighter and more responsive than previous years. The heaps of advanced wave and wakestyle riders that swear by the Envy are going to love it even more and the beginners will have confidence in buying a kite that they are not going to grow out of.

The new Max Flow pump and Liquid Force Kite bag are nicely improved as well. The pump is some sort of magic pump that allows you to need the same amount of downward force on your first pump as it does on your last pump. This is really helpful for lighter riders that struggle with getting their kites to the proper inflation.

What we don't like:
Even with the improved kite turning speed and light feel, the Envy isn't as fast as the NRG! It's far from slow but if you're looking for a true speedster - make sure you try out the NRG!

The 2014 Envy does not have the "auto" relaunch that years past have had. All beginners that tested the Envy had no issue with relaunch, but we felt it was important to report on the change.

Why you want the 2014 Liquid Force Envy:
The Envy is a spectacular kite for the beginner, the wakestyler and the kite surfer. If that's you, you're going to love the new feel and performance of the Envy. People that hated the Envy now love it. People that loved it, now love it even more!

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Customer Reviews

  1. Ace Kite

    by Christopher Dunkley on November 23, 2013

    This Kite is amazing to teach on! Students excel with this kite as it is responsive, yet forgiving and safe, yet powerful!

    Amazingly easy with relaunch. This kite really shines in surf and wakestyle riding, making unhooking feel comfortable! You will know where there kite is at all times and it flys far enough ahead in the window so that if powered correctly unhooked handle passes are a piece of cake, as you load and pop the kite send you and then you get just enough slack or lack of tension to really pass the bar.

    The cross wind drift on this kite is amazing so if you hit up your local surf break and mostly ride cross you will be stoked! You can kind of drift and wait on a set and then with one power stroke you are rolling down the face with a super stable kite that has no "twitch" and is very predictable!

    I would like to say cheers to Liquid Force for having bomb proof construction as I have self landed these kites a few times and never had an issue even with a few poor landings on my part.

    Lastly the graphics are sick I love the neon paint! Sexy kites that rip at an affordable price!
  2. Love it

    by Sasha Lamprecht on October 9, 2013

    The first time I flew the 2014 Envy I fell in love, the kite is amazing. It turns quickly and always seems to let me know where it is in the sky. It really gives you the confidence to go huge on boosts, or learn new unhooked tricks. I’ve had the privilege to session on the Envy in a wide range of wind with a few different sizes. When underpowered I still found it easily went up wind, and gave me enough power to get a good pop. When overpowered the kite really shines. The kite will rip upwind, and let you go really big really easily, yet it does not feel overwhelming at all. I recommend this kite all day long.
  3. Big changes for 2014!

    by Justin Herrmann on September 19, 2013

    The 2014 Envy has really stepped up it's game compared to the previous years. Liquid Force threw away that cobweb of a bridle system and replaced it with a new compact fixed bridle system with direct connect on the back lines. What does this mean? You have direct steering with no delay and you can really feel where the kite is in the window.

    This kite turns fast, doesn't back stall and jumps well. The one thing I experienced when jumping with it is a hard landing sometimes. The kite does not have the same loft jump that other kites have. If you are looking for big lofty jumps check out the Liquid Force NRG.

    For all the wakestyle riders out there the 2014 Envy is the perfect kite for you because it is stable, fast turning and has very smooth power as you unhook. The best thing is this kite actually slacks out which previous years had lacked.

    The same features that make this kite great for advanced riders make is great for beginners as well. If you are looking for a stable, responsive kite that relaunches easily look no further than the 2014 Liquid Force Envy.
  4. Awesome Kite

    by Steven Leslie on September 10, 2013

    I took the envy out and really liked the way the kite slacks when unhooking. Boosting with it is also pretty good but not as much hang time as the new NRG, but the kite all around is great! I would recomend this kite for sure.
  5. My new wakestyle machine ! ! !

    by Julien Kepski Liquid Force Team Rider on September 7, 2013

    For anyone who knows me well. I usually don't like to ride with a 4 lines SLE my ONLY way to go for unhooked is C-shapes until this year. After different prototypes and setups tests we came to have a kite that REALLY does it all. I have been trying it while teaching new kiters and tried to make them tangle the kite on purpose, whatever they did the kite always came back to it's normal flying position without any bridle caught on the struts.

    I took it for a slider / wakestyle session and I don't want to touch my C-shapes anymore (Yes I said that) The kite slacks so good it is now piece of cake to pass the bar ! ! ! the best part in it is that you can go play in the waves too as you won't have a 5th line wrapped around your kite tearing it apart when you crash.
    Another big difference for the ones who flew the previous years models. The kite really feels like its size. Last year you would take a 10.5 Envy when everybody else would be riding 12 but this year the 12 envy pulls just like any other brands' 12 handling a lot of wind I managed to hold the 12 in 20 knots plus hitting rails and sending unhooked tricks, well even lit I could slack the lines and pass the bar or hop on sliders
    I hope you''ll be just as stoked as I am with this new chef d'oeuvre Liquid Force delivered us for 2014 ;)
  6. Feels just like my Hifi!

    by Julien Kepski on August 30, 2013

    The new liquid force Envy feels just like my Liquid Force Hifi when it comes to unhooked tricks. I tested it on a gusty day with side offshore winds and I was amazed how stable the kite is while I put my boots on to go ride.
  7. Best kite Liquid Force have ever made

    by Ed Holden on August 30, 2013

    The new Envy feels lighter and faster than in years past. I also really like the short bridles for teaching because if you crash and roll the kite it never gets tangled.
  8. The one kite that will work for everyone

    by Matt Nuzzo on August 16, 2013

    I tested the 10m NRG vs the Envy 9m in 17-25mph side on shore waist high wave conditions. Both kites were great kites and huge improvements over years past.

    My first impression of the NRG was that is has heaps of power, goes upwind really well and has a solid reliable feeling. The 10m NRG had a lot more power than the 9m Envy.

    My first impression of the Envy was that it does everything well and everyone that is going to ride this kite will really like it. Light, quick and very easy power delivery.

    For my style of wave riding, which is to move the kite to pull you down the line, I prefer the Envy. Riders that like to park the kite and surf down the line will like the NRG more. Both kites drift equally as well and were really stable in the sky even when I slacked the lines and rode under the kite.

    The NRG rages upwind and it has a lot of power per size. The power was really controlled and it felt like the kite delivered consistent power to the chicken loop. It turns quickly and does not stall when you down loop it. The only thing I did not like about the NRG was the radius of the turn. It is quick to initiate the turn and turns fast, but due to the flatter and wider profile the turning radius of the NRG was not as tight as I like.

    The Envy is so easy to use. The improvements made to the Envy make it a lot quicker and lighter feeling than ever before, but you don't loose that user friendly feeling. The Envy is a true hero kite.

    The CPR works really well. The higher quality lines are a nice improvement and I really like that it has a flagging safety line and suicide leash that is actually safe to use since it is on the depower line.
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