2014 Best TS Lightwind Kite

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The 15m and 17m versions of the Best TS are specifically made to excel in marginal conditions.

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The TS-LW repackages the performance and versatility of the smaller TS kites in lightwind specific 15m and 17m sizes that are built to help you get the most out of every light wind session.

Best TS Lightwind Tech Specs:
- Sizes: 15m & 17m
- One pump inflation with Twist Lock Valve
- Includes Pump, Stuff Sack & Back Pack

What we like:
The bigger TS kites have always been designed a little differently to focus more on light wind performance but the V3 TS is the next step up. The best thing about the lightwind version of the TS is that it maintains the feel and performance of a 12m when it comes to freestyle. This means it feels nimble and fast with reasonably light bar pressure!

You'd expect a lightwind specific kite to be able to generate decent power, relaunch in light winds and go upwind well and of course the TS can do them all but the best thing about about this kite is that it actually works really well for freestyle - especially unhooked. We like that when you edge hard against this kite in light conditions it creates decent pop and really allows you to work on your tricks!

If you're an intermediate or advanced rider, we really think you'll enjoy the speed and performance of the light wind TS and choose it over other lightwind kites that are only focussed on max power.

What we don't like:
In really light wind (sub 8mph) the TS requires some decent relaunch skills (rolling the kite onto its back). The reason is that the leading edge isn't curved but fairly flat (like a c-kite). That's what gives this kite it's impressive light wind freestyle skills. With any consistent breeze though (>10mph) - you shouldn't have any trouble with relaunch and you'll rage upwind. This kite is all about doing your normal tricks when your 12m just isn't cutting it!

The new inflation system worked well during our testing but not having a regular 9mm inflate valve (as a backup) is a pain. Although the new Best pump has the attachment - lots of pumps don't . They should have put a regular 9mm inflate valve on there too just in case.

Why you want the 2014 Best TS Lightwind:
Because you love your normal riding style (freestyle or free ride) and you don't want those pesky marginal conditions to get in the way of your progression.

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