2014 Best RP-Bar

Best's 4 line control bar designed to be used with the Kahoona, Cabo, TS, TS Lightwind & any other 4 line kite.

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We are still testing and reviewing the Best RP Bar. Stay tuned for the full review.

Best's Description:

Your bar is the cockpit of your kite and because you’d rather be flying a Lear jet than a crop duster we’ve engineered the RP-Bar to match your aspirations. Packed with innovative technology and advanced construction features the RP-Bar is the definitive 4-line kite control bar.

The improved Pro-cuff+ QR is easier to service and activate. With a new grip pattern and retaining bungees it releases a 250kg load with one of the lowest trigger pressures on the market and meets international testing standards. Our Pinless Safety Leash connects your kite to your harness and is fitted with a mini version of the Pro-cuff+ QR that’s easy and reliable to use. Low friction Delrin Bar Inserts help eliminate depower line wear and hold your chickenloop rock solid when you ride unhooked.

Above the bar you’ll find a depower cleat that provides you with easy one handed depower. You can adjust your bar travel, depower reach and cleat height. Used with our revised back line adjusters you now have absolute control over how your bar is rigged. We’ve added a new Front Line Tidy above the depower that connects your front flying and safety lines together keeping them tangle free and allowing you to swap between single front/left or dual front line safety. All flying lines have been upgraded with a new slick line coating and we’ve added more color to make rigging easier. Naturally we’ve kept the dual Depower Stopper to take the strain off your arms and it works in tandem with the Redline Safety giving you comfort and control that you can trust.

The Underbar Swivel has a larger bearing surface and more aggressive grip pattern to make un-spinning your lines even easier. All flying and depower lines have a new low friction coating that keeps the sand out of the weave and enhances durability. We’ve topped the bar off with new BABEs (Big Ass Bar Ends), hiding our lightweight, composite reinforced plastic bar ends inside even softer and more face friendly EVA bar end covers.

The RP-Bar is improved with new and innovative product features for 2014 and we’ve refined all those that made it such a smash hit with riders last year. It’s the most advanced and safest bar we’ve ever made and the perfect complement to any of our 4-line kites. Pick one up today and start learning to fly by wire.

Customer Reviews

  1. Built stronger, simple de-power and greater tuning options .

    by Ryan Osmond (REAL Coach) on October 6, 2013

    Best have recreated the RP Bar to be nicely improved upon its predecessors with a new clam cleat trim system and vastly improved below bar swivel, making it much easier to un-spin lines and de-power your kite.
    The grip has a nice feel and has super soft bar ends, incase your one to take a hit to the face with your controls and removing the bar floats will reveal tuning knots for your steering lines, allowing for simple adjustment. All lines now have a new coating making them less prone to picking up sand decreasing wear.

    The quick release is now much more reliable and solid as the body has been completely re-designed but still activates with minimal effort when required. One feature i really like, is the ability to hook your leash to suicide for wake style riding, and still have the option of activating the safety.
    All in all this is a fantastically refined bar that has all the features you would expect from a high end brand such as Best.

    Check out my overview vid here... http://vimeo.com/ryanosmond/2014bestrpbar
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