2014 Best Cabo V2


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Dedicated wave kite.

2014 Best Cabo V2 Includes:
• 2014 Best Cabo Kite
• Best pump
• Best kite bag and stuff sack

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The Best Cabo is a light weight, three-strut kite built with extra strength to be "surf-tough"

Tech Specs:
• Sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 11m
• One Pump Inflation with Twist Lock Valve

What we like:
The Cabo is lightweight and easy to fly. We're big fans of simple kites and the Cabo is just that. The Cabo actually feels similar to several other 3 strut kites that we love such as the Liquid Force Envy & Slingshot RPM. Overall, the Cabo is a very good all-around kite and will suit a wide range of riders.

Insider Info:
We don't like that the Cabo has been put in a box and labelled as a wave kite. Because it's stable and easy to fly, we think it's actually a great all round kite that is as well suited to beginners as it is to advanced wave riders.

We did find during testing that the Cabo isn't as juicy as some other kites. The Cabo generates good power but it doesn't pull like a truck. If you prefer more grunt and power, take a look at the Best TS.

Why you want the 2014 Best Cabo:
Because you want a kite that is light and easy to fly. Although the Cabo is posted as a wave kite, we think it best suits beginner and intermediate riders looking for a really easy package. The Cabo is also the least expensive kite in the Best Lineup which solidifies it's position as an easy and accesible kite.
Best Description:
Charge every wave

Get ready for the ride of your life. It is all about down the line riding, the commitment as you turn into the wave and your love of big hacks and sprays. Our passion and endless search for the perfect wave kite are reflected in the development of the Cabo. Share the feeling with us and try out our ultimate wave kite, the Cabo.

With its light weight, Tri-strut design and swept tips the Cabo is capable of sitting further back in the window to follow you down the line with impeccable downwind drift as you concentrate on finding your perfect line and sweet spot in the pocket. The combination of open-C platform and short Reactive Micro Bridle with new sliders works in harmony to maximize turning speed and kite feedback. With low bar pressure and amazing stability hooked or unhooked the Cabo always lets you ride the wave and forget about flying the kite.

Because the waves that you ride demand respect we build the Cabo Surf Tough. We have included Double Core Rip Stop, Canopy Framing and our new Twist-Lock LE valve to ensure the Cabo can survive any wave you can line up for. For 2014 we’ve revised the wingtip shape for more responsive turn-in and created a new harmonized-arc LE profile to deliver greater stability and smoother power delivery in gusty conditions. With an increased sweet spot and greater low end you’ll be able to ride a smaller size than you expected.

The Cabo is the number one choice of Pedro Henrique and Nuno ‘Stru’ as they compete in wave events all around the globe as it’s sure to always let them express their unique strapless styles. This season we’ve introduced a new 8m size to the line up to give you the perfect kite size choice in all conditions. If wave riding means everything to you, like it does to R&D team members Peter Stiewe and Jordi Modolell then you should own a Cabo so you can charge every wave.


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