2013 Slingshot RPM Complete Kite

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The Slingshot RPM has the highest customer satisfaction of any kite at REAL.

Price includes: Slingshot Comp Stick Control Bar with Leash

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The RPM is a light weight 3 strut kite designed for maximum kite stability and a user friendly performance feel. In a time where kites are getting pretty crazy with design, the RPM is working off a proven 3 strut and full wing tip platform. This kite has been refined for 5 years and the 2013 RPM has us pumped up for every kite session. Most people love the RPM for the fast turning and consistent power through the entire wind window.

• 2013 RPM Sizes: 4.5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m
• 2013 Comp Stick Control Bar 17" (w/ 20m lines for 4m - 9m)
• 2013 Comp Stick Control Bar 20" (w/ 23m lines for 10m - 12m)
• 2013 Comp Stick Control Bar 23" (w/ 27m lines for 14m)
• Slingshot Kite Leash
• BIG Kite Backpack

What we like:
The RPM is a high quality kite that is packed with features but it still does not feel cluttered or over engineered. You have plenty of bridle adjustments to really change the performance of this kite and where it sits in the wind window. We recommend riding it stock but some people like to tweak this stuff. The RPM really excels in unhooked wakestyle, performance free style and powered wave riding. The features that make it a good performance kite also lend it to work for beginners. The stability, relaunch and easy to use safety system give beginners confidence in riding the RPM. This is one of a very few kites that can work for almost all riding ability levels.

What we don't like:
Slingshot shortened the lines on all the bars except for the 14m. This makes the kite faster but you loose a little of the low end power. In extreme low winds we have had a very few people complain that the RPM is difficult to relaunch. REAL Coaches have not had this issue and found that the the RPM is easy for beginners to relaunch. Most importantly it will not invert during relaunch.

Why you want the 2013 RPM:
The RPM is a sick kite. Everyone loves it. The bottom line is that the RPM works and has 5 years of tweaks to make it work better. You will be hard pressed to find a kite as well rounded as this one. Top it off with Slingshot's proven quality and industry standard safety system and you have a kite you will love for years to come.

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REAL Pro Review by Matt Nuzzo

If I was going to be bannished to a far off land where I did not have access to kiteboarding equipment, I would bring a 10m RPM. The RPM is really good. I has a light weight feel and a strong bar with all the features you need. I value kites that feel reliable. I never want to second guess my kite leaving me out in the middle of the ocean because of some failure of the product.

The RPM jumps well, is really stable, doesn't back stall, has a big fat wing tip to create consistent power through turns, and relaunches out of the surf before a big set comes and eats it.

Tuning Tip:The RPM has a bunch of tuning knots on the line and kite pigtails. We recommend rigging on the middle knots on the front and middle knots on the back. When your front lines stretch you can change this and move the front lines one knot up closer to the kite.

Customer Reviews

  1. Solid Kite

    by Jason on March 24, 2013

    Just got to try the 2013 RPM the other day and definitely enjoyed myself. The kite was incredibly fast and powerful through all my transitions. It had the least amount of bar pressure out all the kites I have ever ridden--would really like to try it unhooked to test it out more.

    Only disappointment came from how it handled big dangle jumps. The RPM had a good amount strength just not that "rip you off the water" power that I have experienced with other kites like the LF NRG or Cabrinha Switchblade.
  2. It just works every time

    by Thomas Kogut on December 21, 2012

    Nothing like getting new kite out of the bag and it just works exactly how you hope it would. I have ridden every version of the RPM and they keep getting better every year. New graphics are great because you can see what size people are riding so easy this year. Thank you Slingshot for making the 2013 RPM so easy to ...just ride and have fun.
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