2013 Slingshot Misfit

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The Slingshot Misfit is a great all around kiteboard that is hand crafted in the USA.

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Best suited as an all around twin tip, the Misfit is easy to ride and has great pads and straps.
All Slingshot boards are made in the USA by kiteboarders that care about making quality boards that will take a beating. The 100% wood core that runs from tip to tip really helps the Misfit motor through chop

•132 x 40cm (32.5 cm at tip/tail)
•136 x 40.5cm (33.5 cm at tip/tail)
•142 x 42cm (34.5 cm at tip/tail)
•146 x 43.5cm (35 cm at tip/tail)
•Fast Track Binding Mounting System
•Slingshot Bolt-On Binding
•2" Fins

What we like:
You get a lot of bang for the buck with the Slingshot Misfit. The quality of the board and straps is right up there with the most expensive boards on the market and we see people getting this as their first "performance" twin tip and never growing out of it. The feedback from riding and coaching with this board is that it is lively and easy to handle. The combination of center concave, small channels off the tail, flat between your feet, and the all wood core help this board ride smoothly through chop and go upwind at the same time.

What we don't like:
The Fast Track makes it really easy to mount the pads and straps on your board, but unless you are sharing your board with someone with a different stance it does not really matter that you can change the stance so easily. Slingshot is still using the 1/4" hardware on their fins, so the fins are fatter than what you find on some other boards. Most people will not be able to feel the difference, but the true speed geeks will be wishing they had skinnier fins.

Why you want the Misfit:
Everyone loves the Misfit. The few grumbles of it being a little heavier than other boards on the rack or not having some crazy Euro graphics are quickly subdued when you get this board on the water. Since Slingshot makes the Misfit from a 132cm to a 146cm, it fits a lot of the kiting demographic. Not too wide to edge in chop. Not too much rocker so it goes upwind. Top it off with plush adjustable straps, and you have a winner!

Slingshot Misfit Review By Matt Nuzzo

I love the feel of the Misfit. With the full wood core you get a damp but lively feel. Pretty unique. I am 175lbs and the 136 is a perfect foot-strapped twin tip for my size. I ride a different and bigger board with boots, but for riding in straps, I find myself going back to the Misfit and loving it. It goes upwind easily and has plenty of pop for tricks. The fins are a bit big for what I like, but for most people they are the right size.

I have put a lot of people on to the 142 and 146 Misfit as their first board down from a beginner board and they found the straps to be comfortable. They say that the board feels stable and easier to edge and ride than the big beginner boards they were on.

REALPro Tip: Crank the screws down on your fins and pads and straps about every other time you kite. Once you use your board about 10 times, do this every 6 times you go kite. This board has nice accessories that hold on well, but they can wiggle loose. Loosing a fin sucks!

Customer Reviews

  1. Perfect board for progression

    by Ryan Osmond REAL Coach on September 12, 2012

    The 2013 slingshot misfit is this years go to board for me both as a rider and instructor. One of the main things we look for when choosing a beginner friendly board is that it has enough rocker to make it comfortable through chop, yet is flat enough to hold a good edge when learning to ride upwind this board does both perfectly.

    Make no mistakes though this board does not only cater to beginners, it is my choice board when it comes to a quick session after work, with comfortable foot straps and enough stiffness to get good pop when unhooking.
  2. Great all arounder

    by Nuzzi on August 9, 2012

    Unless you are under 130lbs or over 240lbs you will like the Misfit. Great quality product made by Slingshot.
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