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The Naish Park 2013 is a light weight all around performer.

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The Naish Park is blending the line between C kite performance and hybrid kite ease of use. The Park is back for the third year of development and they have worked out the kinks to make a sick high performance yet user friendly design.

Naish Park 2013 Specs:
• 2013 Park Sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 14m
• 2013 Naish Universal Bar: Adjustable to 18" or 20". Stock 24m Lines. Naish Kite Leash
• Naish Bar and Pump need to be added to make a complete package

What we like:
The Park has really come into its own for 2013. This kite offers great power through the turns that even the most die hard C kite riders will appreciate. They have improved the light wind relaunch by moving the "Antistiction Window" farther back (such a bad name for a piece of mesh on the wing tip). With the C kite shape and the simple bridle, you get a really stable kite that offers a lot of depower and wind range. As with most Naish kites, it has a really light weight and responsive feel in the sky.

What we don't like:
Since the Naish is such a top performer, it can be too fast for some people. The small sizes are really quick and if you are not used to it, they can catch you off guard. The 14m Park size is a bit lost in their line up since the Naish Fly is such a good light wind kite. Most people are skipping the 14m and going right from the Park 12m to the 15m Fly for the light stuff. Nevertheless, if you are over 200lbs the 14m will be a great kite for you when smaller people are riding their 12m.

Why you want the 2013 Park:
If you are an active kiter and want a quiver of ripping kites, the Park is the one. It rocks for everything from wakestyle to waves. You can get the C kite blast of power in your kite loops yet there is enough depower to ride in the gustiest of conditions. The Park is not for the faint hearted but if you want a kite that will never leave you looking for more, then give the 2013 Naish Park a rip.

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Customer Reviews

  1. No low end problems here.

    by Neil on April 1, 2013

    190lbs twin tip rider 146 & 140. 9yrs riding.
    Just bought the 12m and 8m before a trip to the caribean. Rode both kites lots. 12m has good bottom end, I was riding in about 13 kts. Jumping really well well at about 15kts. Perfect bar pressure for me. Rode the 12 on 28m lines mostly, I think it would be best at 26m or so. Turns fast, maybe like a 9m.
    8m at 20kts, what a great kite. Boosting 15', unbelievable. Turns really fast. Great build quality. Excellent relaunch. I rode only stock settings, I will try others later. Only negative is trailing edge flutter at higher speeds, ie racing thru the window. I think this is a problem with many of the 3 strut kites. Maybe moving rear line attachment may help.
    All around these are great kites. I highly recommend them. Oh yeah did I say the bottom end is as good. I got the stock colors and got many good comments on them.
    Thanks and happy safe kiting.
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