2013 Liquid Force CPR Control Bar

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If you want a clean and simple kiteboarding bar with great safety features, the 2013 LF CPR bar will keep you safe and stoked.

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Liquid Force


The CPR has all of the features you want and none of the features you don't want.
The 2013 Liquid Force CPR bar has below bar depower and safety system. The most notable addition is the large center line swivel that works most of the time. Advanced riders love the ability to choose between a flagging safety system and a handle pass safety that depowers the kite.

• 2013 CPR Bar Sizes 45cm, 50cm, and 55cm
• 23m colored lines for all size CPR bars
• Liquid Force Kite Leash

What we like:
The CPR release is large, easy to use and you will not engage it by mistake. Combo this with a single line flagging system and you have a very safe bar for beginners. You will also like the long bar throw which allows you to really depower your kite when you let go of the bar. If you would like use the CPR bar for any other kite it is no problem - the pigtails are set up to accommodate all brands and models.

What we don't like:
The chicken loop will completely detach from the bar when you pull the release and if the donkey dick is not in your harness, you will loose the loop. This can be corrected by putting the leash through the loop before hooking it up to the safety. The bar ends are really big and bulky. This is nice if you hit yourself in the face with the bar, but it makes the bar harder to pack up.

Why you want the CPR bar:
The CPR bar is just simple. It has a comfortable grip, the chicken loop line takes a long time to wear out, and having access to the flagging line and handle pass leash right next to each other is great.

Liquid Force CPR Review By Matt Nuzzo

I use the CPR bar on any kite that I ride. The main reason is the handle pass leash attachment. You can hook your leash to the ball on the depower line and when you let go of the bar it pulls the full 6ft of depower line out and depowers off of the center two lines. This is much safer than any other handle pass leash on the market. You can also easily switch this over to the below bar flagging safety for sketchy launches or self landings.

The addition of a swivel was much needed on the CPR bar. To my surprise it worked most of the time although I do make sure that I get the sand out before I launch. When it gets stuck, it is a bit of a reach, but you can pull it towards you and untwist it.

REAL Pro Tip:

When you connect the chicken loop, make sure that it clicks down twice. LF put some yellow paint on the chicken loop that will be showing if it is not connected properly. If you don't do this right the loop will pop off pretty easily.

Customer Reviews

  1. 2013 Liquid Force CPR bar.

    by Joe Pasciak on May 13, 2013

    I am a beginner and just got a CPR 55 for
    a LF Envy 15. This is really a great
    bar. The de-power is awesome, 25%
    more than my best bar. Also, the swivel
    on the front lines on the 2013 works great. Only complaint that I have is that the black turning lines are hard to see lying on the ground and they are easy to step on and tangle. Still a fantastic/simple bar.


  2. 2013 LF Control Bar Review

    by Gary on May 7, 2013

    I've been using the LF bars as I need a lot of depower for my larger kites and the LF bars have the widest range of depower that I can find. I've been using a 2011 LF bar and I find that the depower line will wear out within a yr with a decent amount of use. When the depower line breaks, you're flying a 2 line kite that's jellyfishing all over the place and I guarantee that this will happen in heavy wind during a long downwinder (aka "Kitemare"). So you need to be diligent about replacing the depower line/rope every season or so. This 2m length of rope is $40 from LF so I just make my own for $5.

    I was in Hatteras last week and bought a 2013 LF bar and found that the new cleat and line is much, much easier to adjust while riding (in heavy wind). The safety system is also greatly improved but I think its overkill for an experienced rider. The 2013 donkey dick is also overkill with padding (not sure why you need a padded donkey dick).

    None of that stuff bothers me but I definitely don't like the padded steering lines. the bar ends have 6-8 inches of rubber going up the steering lines and then a plastic coating further up the steering lines. All this cosmetic bulk makes the steering lines less responsive. I prefer having an unimpeded steering line to my bar end so that when I crank my bar to send my kite, the kite turns fast and hard to provide maximum power and height for a big boost (vs a dampened effect from all that plastic and rubber where the steering lines connect to the bar).

    All that cosmetic bulk also makes it a pain when winding up the lines but I can live with that. That said, the little bungy cords that you use to secure your lines when they are wrapped up have no where to go when you're kiting. You have these bungy loops just hanging out while you're kiting. I've tried to secure them on the bulking rubber ribs on the steering lines but they pop off or I realize that I've wound my lines over them when I'm packing up my stuff.

    In short - the new cleat and depower line on the 2013 works great (much better than the early LF bars). The improved safety system is good for beginners. The LF bar delivers that widest depower range of any bar that I've seen.

    The bad parts are all the costmetic bulk (unnecessary padding) on the steering lines (and donkey dick).

    The ultimate LF bar would be a hybrid of the 2011 bar and the 2013 bar (which I plan to try to create with my 2 bars).
  3. Great Swivel, Easy to Use Safety,

    by alexander on March 16, 2013

    Aside from the odd donky stick float on the chicken loop, my title describes my review.
  4. The perfect bar

    by Julien Kepski on November 6, 2012

    I've been riding with Liquid Force gear for a few years now and I have to say this year's is the best bar they've ever made ! ! !
    You have a new swivel with bearings that keeps your front lines from getting tangled all the way up...
    The grip has a bump on the back for a better comfort.
    The quick release is really easy to re-arm even with super thick gloves.
    And to finish the left floater is red so you can spot which side to grab with one glance.
  5. Love this bar

    by Nuzzi on August 18, 2012

    I teach on it and ride it on any kite. Works for everything.

    It is nice that they made the entire left float red. Makes it easy to see when you are getting worked, so you can find the proper side of the bar.

    The wax coating on the chicken loop line keeps it from wearing out too fast and when you do wear it out, they are really easy to replace. The blue through bar flagging safety line does wear out faster than the chicken loop line but the bar comes with a replacement.
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