2013 Liquid Force CJ 5-9

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The CJ has a fully rockered out nose that is designed to be ridden powered up with foot straps.

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Liquid Force


The CJ 5'9 hammers through the chop and goes as fast as you want to go on a kitesurf board.
LF team rider, kite designer, and Trusted Waters leading man, Julien Force, designed the CJ for his strapped Maui shredding machine. With the high winds and some times huge waves you see in the Pacific, Julien wanted a board that stayed connected to the wave while you are ripping down the face. The massive amount of rocker in the nose, narrow waist, and quad fin set up keep the CJ quiet when everything around you is going nuts. The CJ is best suited for riders 130-200lbs.

Liquid Force CJ 6' Specs:
• 5'9 x 17 15/16"
• 23.46 liters
• 3.7 kg
• FCS Quad Fin
• Pads, Straps, Fins, and Bag Included

What we like:
This board rides really fast and rips hard turns. Riding it in bump conditions is no problem, and when you get it on a rail carving clean open face turns is no problem. You want to ride this board with power in your kite and you will find it to be super fun in small to huge waves. Slashing turns with the CJ is easy to do.

What we don't like:
A lot of people like to ride strapped but want to ride strapless. The CJ is really narrow for strapless riding unless you are less than 150lbs. The stock FCS glass flex fins should be replaced with a better performance core set.

Why you want the CJ 5'9:
Everyone in kitesurfing is so laser focused on strapless that the strapped kitesurf boards are becoming hard to find. We love to see that Liquid Force is keeping the dream alive and making a dedicated strapped kiteboard. Go for the CJ if you want a quality performance strapped kitesurf board.

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