2013 Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar Complete

The Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar allows you to free up your range of motion so you can better attack the lip.

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The Dakine sliding spreader bar can be attached to almost any harness to add an increased range of movement when kitesurfing in the waves. We have tested this harness with both Mystic and Dakine harnesses and it's very easy to install on both.

What we like:
The hook on this bar slides from side to side while riding which will stop your harness from rotating around your middle. We really like the design - it's simple, strong and gimmick-free. If you spend time riding toeside or riding waves - this will make a big difference to your sessions. Unlike most other sliding products out there - this spreader bar will still allow you to unhook and hook back in easily which is definitely a big positive.

What we don't like:
The spreader bar doesn't have a mechanism to hold the hook by default in the middle of the pad. This takes a little getting used to because when riding normally, the hook won't always come to rest in the middle of your body.

Why you want the Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar:
Because you are tired of your harness constantly rotating around your middle and want a bigger range of motion so that you can up your game when kitesurfing in the waves.

Customer Reviews

  1. Don't work with seat harness

    by kevin on April 15, 2014

    These do not work with a seat harness.They slide from the middle position well but not from the ends where they grab the strap webbing.
    May be okay with a waist harness which rotate unlike a seat harness.
  2. I got one 12"

    by Francois Leroy on May 8, 2013

    If you want to buy one.
    Buy 12" for large harness
    I wear small - Harness and the 12" is too BiG...
    I hope Dakine will do a 10" size for small-Medium because it works very good... Francois
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