2012 Slingshot Rally Kite

The 2012 Slingshot Rally is a 3 strut kite designed to have fast turning, easy relaunch and good upwind performance.

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Sizes: 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m and 14m
Rally Comp Stick Bars: 23" w/ 27m Lines(14m), 20" w/ 23m Lines(12m & 10m), 17" w/ 20m Lines(8m & 6m)
*Pumps sold separately

If you took the RPM and cut off the wingtip you would come up with the Rally. This creates a few immediate changes in feel in ride. The turning speed has a quick pivoty feel. The water relaunch is as easy as it gets, and you get more straight line grunt with the fatter center to the Rally.

The 2011 Rally had a lot of problems with the wing tip collapsing and we did not notice evidence of this in the 2012 Rally.

We recommend the Rally for the beginner to intermediate rider that wants a kite that will keep growing with them. We have also been loving the 2012 Rally in the surf. The easy drive upwind, good power and fast turning make the Rally a dream for kitesurfing.

*Please email any color requests to Info@REALwatersports.com and include your Order #.

*Please note - this item will ship to you directly from an offsite location.  We are not able to offer color choices on this product.  This item is exclusively available at REALwatersports.com and is not available for pickup at the REAL Flagship Store.

Customer Reviews

  1. Fun as a barrel of monkeys!

    by ToddB on March 31, 2012

    This is an extremely fun kite. I own the 2012 10M and 14M. The 14 will make you a believer that big kites can be fun. It's the first large kite I've owned that I look forward to flying. It turns fast and jumps well when others are just mowing the lawn on heavy slow turning kites.

    When you put the 10M in the air on a 20mph day it's like opening up a barrel of monkeys on your 5th birthday (but a lot less frustrating because you don't have to get those little plastic arms to link up with each other). It's a blast!!! Extremely fun, great jumper, very stable. You can just concentrate on tearing it up and slashing waves on your board and forget about the kite.

    The kites relaunch extremely easily, are stable in the air, jump high and de-power very well. I do find them a little small for their size and I'll be comfortable on my 10M when most people are putting up 9s.
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