2012 Naish Global

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Dedicated Performance Surf

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Target: No compromise waveriding in any surf condition.

The Global is built with the mindset of riding with total confidence in any surf condition. Designed to be ridden as a quad or a thruster, each board in the range can be tuned to suit any rider's style. When ridden as a quad, the Global has more drive and track. When ridden as a thruster, the Global is looser and snappier.

Bottom line, the Global is a “must have” board for any rider who is serious about the surf.

Sizes: 5’5” x 17½”, 5’10" x 18”, 6’1” x 18¼”
Fins: Quad Set - Honeycomb Bamboo Mesh Torsion

Customer Reviews

  1. Reserved For Straps

    by Tube (Toby Diggens) on August 20, 2012

    I think this board belongs to the strapped crew. I went out for several sessions and tried to get the feel of the board riding strapless but it felt slightly lifeless. I prefered last years board by a long margin.

    The Pros of this board I think still out-weigh the cons as it is a super durable constructuction with top quality components and materials. It is a fast board and the narrower design definitely suits the more powered and down the line days rather than the more typical choppy onshore and small sessions that we generally get involed with.

    Having said that the board is stiff with very little rocker and these two things combine to make the ride pretty hard. Expect to have sore ankles after a choppy session, again I think this is where having the board with straps would make the difference over riding strapless.

    The one big plus is that the board rockets upwind and this makes the transition from a regular twintip easy.

    A board that will not suit advanced wave riders looking for a true surf feel but will definitely be a great board for anyone who likes strapped riding and has Lanes (Hawaii) outside there front yard!

    Tubes Tuning Tip - Ride it strapped and powered to get the full feel of the straight rocker-line.
  2. 9ft wave... shred!

    by Brandon Green on April 3, 2012

    Just had this board out in 30 to 40 mph and 9 ft swells. With the quad fin this board is snappy, responsive and carves like a dream! Dropping straight down 9ft felt soooo nice! Try one out!
  3. 5'5 Global

    by Sky K on March 8, 2012

    I just got a 12 day yesterday and 9 this morning on my new 5'5 Global in chest high surf. Super nice board. It really drives through the turns. I am going to have to step up my game to keep up with it. It feels a little stiff in the choppy sections. I have it set up quad and it really tracks through the turns. Its pretty unforgiving but when you hit a top turn just right it feels so good! Probably not for a beginner but I might be a little soft from riding that fish for a while.

    Anyway I think this is going to make me progress my surfing which is the point.
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