2012 Mystic Force Shield Seat Harness Wmns

The Force Shield is Mystic’s flagship kiteboarding seat harness. Check out the description, video and reviews below for more information.

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The women’s Force Shield is Mystic’s flagship seat harness. Similar to the Dakine Vision, this harness is packed with all the usual Mystic features and is a great alternative for those who prefer the feel of a seat harness. Alternatives in the Mystic lineup for women include the Warrior III and the Shadow.

Who is it for?  Riders who prefer the pull to come from a little lower down. Seat harnesses are popular with ex windsurfers and anybody in to boosting a lot and/or racing. With the rise of Kite Racing, many waist harness aficionados are making the switch to seat harnesses.

Support: The Force Shield offers a huge amount of support because it pulls from lower down than a waist harness. The leg straps on this harness feed through the spreader bar to create a really static bar. This means that a lot of the weight of the kite is carried in your upper legs, not your back!

Weight  / size: Despite the typical “diaper” appearance, the Force Shield has cut away leg pieces which allows the hip joint to move freely. This is a real bonus over some other seat harnesses on the market which can restrict movement.

Ease of use: With nice padded leg straps and the same Clickerbar 3.0 system as the other Mystic harnesses, the Force Shield is easy to get on and off.

Looks: The Force Sheild comes in one color combo: black and purple.

We Really Like: This harness is slimmer than most seat harnesses and looks more like a waist harness. This improves flexibility and looks. The way the leg straps run through the spreader bar adds an extra level of support.  

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